Lovely one-bedroom apartment in Sweden (49 sqm)

Small red details in the decor paired with vibrant greenery, which is abundant in this apartment, create a festive color combination in the interiors, making the home very elegant. And in general, apparently, the owner is a big admirer of home plants, since not a single room here can do without them (there is a green decor even in the bathroom). It is also worth noting the effective layout of the apartment, because 44 sqm host 2 living rooms and a kitchen. Great accommodation!

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Serge Pufik is the founder and mastermind of blog. Sergiy is an economist by profession, he worked in real estate and from childhood was fond of interior magazines. Together with his wife Anna they run design studio PH Studio, managing projects in Ukraine and far beyond.
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Comments: 4
  1. Ольга

    Очень здорово! Не подскажите что используется для отделки стен в коридоре и на кухне.

    1. Елена

      Это либо вагонка, либо панели для внутренней отделки (типа сайдинга). Тоже озадачилась этим вопросом)))…

  2. Лиа

    понравился оригинальный дизайн кухни!!!

  3. Коста

    Бейсбольная бита – вот украшение любого интерьера!

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