Bright home in former garage in France

It is hard to imagine that this stylish home is located on the site of an old garage in France. Now, this is a fully comfortable housing, filled with light and beauty. The central element in the living room is a magnificent stone wall, light and elegant, the wood here creates coziness, and a beautiful metal staircase complements the style. It is surprising that there is even a kids room, although in general, the design seems to be more suitable for carefree young people. Enjoy!

About Author:
Anna.Rainbow is the author and admirer of cozy interiors. Anna loves Scandinavian style and English interiors.
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Comments: 7
  1. Natalyushka

    Подскажите, где найти ковер как в гостиной? Я влюбилась 8))) Или может кто знает из чего сделать его?

    1. Elya

      Попробуйте в поисковике ввести knitted rug buy или knitted rug pattern. Или то же самое на русском. :)

      1. Natalyushka

        Elya, спасибо огромное! Буду искать

    2. Au50bis

      плетеный ковер из натуральной шерсти

  2. Оксана

    Вот это я понимаю интерьер в холодных тонах – такой настоящий, здесь хочется жить.

  3. Au50bis

    Thanks for repost my work and my house!

    1. Anna Pufik

      Thank you for your beautiful home!

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