Romance under the roof (46 sqm)

This apartment in Sweden was created for free-spirited people, for those whose only ceiling is the sky. A small compact apartment under the roof looks, at first glance, unfinished. Look, here is a stepladder, and naked lamps, and fuzzy silhouettes in the picture, halftones. Incompleteness is one of the basic design concepts. But this is his special charm. There is no pretentious severity, perfect arrangement, glamour colors and heavy fabrics. Everything is as if two people in love with the city and their lives live here, for whom a smile is the best make up. An interesting variety of shades of natural wood. From dark varnish to natural birch. A full-length gilded mirror coexists harmoniously with a bicycle and caps, and a flower left on the floor. The whole taste of this small and even modest home is that the sloping walls flow smoothly into the windows, and the sky is always visible here. Home for people in love with heaven, confident that everything is yet to come!

About Author:
Anna Renard is lead author and design admirer. Anna loves bold, interesting and eclectic interiors.
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  1. Ирина

    Какой комментарий?ай да Ренард !))ничего прибавить,ничего убавить нельзя!И я такого же мнения о подобных интерьерах!

  2. Anna Ranard

    Merci mon ami)

  3. Мария

    по мне так идеально)

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