Juicy decor in design of a country house by Andrew Howard

The combination of bright colors is a complicated matter, and the combination of rich colors with colorful prints is even more whimsical art, not everyone is subject to it. However, designer Andrew Howard brilliantly coped with this task. This home is so unusual that it looks like a dollhouse, but everything is real here. The colors are very saturated, but they are not annoying, on the contrary, excite the imagination. And the matter is not only in the palette, accessories are also perfectly selected: where a coral chandelier, a spray painting, an oval futuristic table and a carpet on the ceiling would look ridiculous, they fit in perfectly. Andrew very subtly chose complex geometric prints in the living room and bedroom. In addition, the interiors are perfectly complemented with vases with fresh flowers. Decor for bold people who are ready to live forever in a juicy summer!

About Author:
Maria is the lead author at pufikhomes.com. She finished faculty of journalism and art school, works in the field of PR and has a special passion for cozy interiors. Warm and soulful interiors where the life is felt are really close to her.
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Comments: 3
  1. Ирина

    На мой вкус большую смелость надо иметь,выбирая бежевенький с бурокоричневым,как у нас это принято повсеместно))))Депрессия обеспечена,а еще у нас белый любят обзывать больничным:ой,только не белый,такой маркий(((А вы почаще убирайте))))

  2. Ирина

    Спальня в серо-синем,оранжевая прихожая,синяя гардеробная,все гостиные-великолепны))))

  3. Елена

    Бирюзовая спальня на пятом фото снизу – это как удар электрошока из свежести, бодрости и оптимизма! Почти все погравилось, несмотря на то , что не являюсь поклонником американских интерьеров в духе Палм Бич ))

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