Romantic eclectic home in Paris

There are such examples of design that lead us deep into culture and history, and immediately bring back, such a design excursion, a very rich cultural design. Today we have one of such homes – an incredibly interesting apartment in Paris. To begin with, some elements of Gothic architecture can be traced here (no matter how unusual it sounds), which gives the interior its own specific romanticism, mixed with infernal moods. High ceilings and stucco in the Renaissance style make the space grand and live. On the other hand, the loft, in its most natural embodiment, oddly enough, is implemented here in an easy interpretation, it gives the feeling of comfort to the whole design. Wooden hemp stools, raw wood combined with porcelain appliances brings us back from the Renaissance to modernity, that is, from the living room to the kitchen. Insertions of with bright plastic or fabric parts (stool, pillows) strongly remind us that it is the 21 century courtyard, which means that this is only the highly professional work of a true artist-designer.

About Author:
Anna Renard is lead author and design admirer. Anna loves bold, interesting and eclectic interiors.
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Comments: 3
  1. Ирэна

    На мой взгляд,эти балки деревяшки совершенно из др оперы(( ничего не монтируется,не вкусно((

  2. Ольга

    вроде и стильно все смотрится, на первый взгляд, но как-то тоскливо и уныло, возможно из-за цветов такое ощущение

  3. Елена

    Из ванны не проливается паркет? Или это керамогранит? Особый сорт дерева?

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