Chalet with pool and spa room in Switzerland

Perhaps, it will not be possible to spoil a chalet house, but you can make it more comfortable and elegant. This chalet in the Swiss Alps is one of the best examples of the low-key luxury of furnishing a large house in the mountains. Having at their disposal a huge number of spacious rooms with high ceilings, designers created his own atmosphere for each of them. A huge living room with a fireplace and a 360-degree view (glass inserts make the room even more voluminous, but no less cozy) is very suitable for long intimate conversations in a large company. The second living room is more restrained, but the fireplace dilutes this severity and warm shades of melted milk and ivory to relax and reflect. Kids rooms and bedrooms are distinguished by a rather active drapery (mass of pillows, bedspreads, blankets, capes, etc.) – you simply drown in softness and bliss. A pool and a home cinema – what else can a modern person tired of the metropolis dream of, but the spa-room is just the final chord in all this slim and harmonious melody of natural happiness.

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Anna Renard is lead author and design admirer. Anna loves bold, interesting and eclectic interiors.
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Comments: 4
  1. Ирина

    Уютно, мягко, спокойно и очень душевно!)

  2. Елена

    Это великолепно! Спасибо Сержу!

  3. Анна

    Ах, сколько солнечного света! Волшебно!
    Только мишку жалко.

  4. Агата

    Хотелось бы там отдохнуть. Понимают люди толк в комфорте и декоре. Вроде бы слишком много всего, но именно исключительное чувство соразмерности и колористики в сочетании с точным пониманием функционала и назначения позволяют не загромождать всякими “утепляющими” и “украшательскими” акцентами.. Собственно, это и называется словом” вкус”.

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