Ancient palazzo with a modern twist

Combination of modernity and antiques is the main feature of the new design of the magnificent 13th-century palace in Rome. At the same time, such a mix of old and new is not striking, and this is a sign of high design professionalism. Antique details are updated, refreshed and presented in a modern interpretation (for example, a couch in light upholstery). Novelty and modern design approach also are manifested in color mixes. On the one hand, these are refined, deep and rather self-sufficient shades (rich blue, turquoise, crimson, golden). On the other hand, they are present in the same space, which was not quite typical of ancient interiors of past centuries. Streamlined shape, soft lines, simple silhouettes – the interiors look simple, but the high style is clearly and elegantly felt. Palazzo for those who appreciate the classics and its legacy in modern design ideas!

About Author:
Anna Renard is lead author and design admirer. Anna loves bold, interesting and eclectic interiors.
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  1. Агата

    За исключением некоторых нюансов, просто блистательно. Аж дух захватило

  2. Акси

    Потрясающе!!! Особенно,вид из окна!!В таком палаццо жизнь – сказка. Несомненно,там живут люди светские.

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