Stunning home by the sea in New Zealand

In New Zealand, they love nature and freedom. It is not surprising that when you live in such a unique and beautiful country, you want to breathe the air of freedom with a full breast. This amazing residence by the sea is the best reflection of the desire of New Zealanders to express themselves. Free nation needs space. Very cool big house with lots of large rooms, overlooking the big water, with high walls and huge windows. Home to enjoy life, to catch the feeling of flying and never let it go. Imagine only. Dawn, fresh sea air flows into the bedroom, you open your eyes, and your posh house has already drowned in the clean morning sunlight that woke you up … A home for people who have a taste of the sea on their lips, people with a wide soul and a warm heart!

About Author:
Anna Renard is lead author and design admirer. Anna loves bold, interesting and eclectic interiors.
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Comments: 2
  1. Лена

    У авторов текста, как всегда, градус восторгов неимоверно зашкаливает. Самый обычный, ничем, кроме своего расположения, непримечательный дом))

    1. Serge Pufik

      Просто от одного вида уже восторг!)) Мы считаем, этот дом нужно рассматривать обязательно в контексте расположения;)

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