Scandinavian vintage interior

This beautiful home in Sweden was recreated with vintage and antique elements of decor, family relics and restored furniture of the last century. At first, it seems that everything here is very old, but, having looked narrowly, you understand that modern decor objects and household appliances are perfectly inscribed here. The designer has done his best to make the separate parts into a single picture. Note that the owners of the house decided to leave the original old doors, switches, and it was a great idea! As a result, the interior has become not just a successful replica, but a place with a history, character and a very warm atmosphere. You want to light all these candles, sit comfortably on the couch and drink tea. A beautiful house!

Source: Stadshem

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Все очень органично и, несмотря на явную винтажную направленность, очень актуально.