This Scandinavian cottage is ideal holiday home for warm Christmas

This is such an idyllic family home in Sweden. Festive decor so harmoniously blended with the Scandinavian design that almost every photo can be printed and signed “this is how a real family Christmas should look like.” But the most beautiful thing about all of this is that the owners made many decorations with their own hands. Bravo!

Actually, Sweden is a country worth visiting for the winter holidays. And it is especially wonderful if you have friends with whom you can live and experience the atmosphere of preparing for the holidays.

The festive decor here is treated with a special passion and love. Only a few times a year, homes are completely transformed, making it clear what season is now and what a holiday it is. Probably the most favorite season is winter. After all, homes are becoming more comfortable and beautiful, just like the one we show you here. Such a holiday especially unites the family, because everyone takes part in the process of decorating the house.

A small snow-white living room is decorated with a beautiful, large Christmas tree and a few candles. Red candles symbolize that Christmas is coming soon. At the dinner table you can find decorations that, apparently, were also created by hand. Even the vases are decorated in a festive way.

Swedes know how to create beauty with the simple everyday things. Forest cones on the window look so creative here. Or you can collect Christmas tree branches and decorate the house with them too. And they can be slightly painted white and it will seem that there is snow on them.

During Christmas, eucalyptus twigs look especially beautiful as home decorations. Combine them with red flowers, and you will not regret it. In the kitchen on these holidays, you will definitely find special Christmas apples. The owners of the house, and especially children, simply adore them, because they are very tasty.

Parents created a festive atmosphere in girls room by setting up another tree there. At the same time allowing the girls to decorate it themselves. It turned out very nice.

It did not take much for the owners to decorate their bedroom and bathroom. They created the atmosphere of Christmas with the help of a festive star on the window, which is very traditional for this time. In other matters, as well as a special Christmas flower on the window and a small Christmas tree on the bathroom floor. By the way, such plants and stars on the windows you can find throughout the house. No Christmas is complete without them.

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Anna Pufik is the founder and creative mind at blog. Anna specializes in interior design, together with her husband Sergiy they head the PH Studio design firm. She loves Scandinavian style and sophisticated timeless interiors. Follow Anna on Instagram.
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    С наступающим Новым годом, дорогой ПУФИК! Ваш сайт навигатор для нас в огромном мире дизайна и декора. Процветания, успехов и праздничного настроения!!!

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