Small apartment with cool black kitchen (40 sqm)

4.5 meters high ceiling and huge windows – this is what this Stockholm apartment inherited from the old research institute, which once was located in this building. And Swedish designers recently added to the interior an awesome kitchen of black color, and also arranged a mezzanine bedroom. Now it’s a stylish apartment with the New York feel, which is perfect for a single living or for a young couple. Wonderful!

Looking at this black kitchen, you understand that this is love. It appears not just stylish, but also delicious. Have you ever had breakfast in a kitchen of a similar dark tone? Unbelievable experience. We do not know the secret of this color, but it does affect appetite and taste of food in the best sense of the word. Even just black plates on the table with food already add something unusual to the dining process.

But let’s get back to our kitchen and take a closer look, especially since we have plenty of photos, so let's enjoy together.

Have you noticed an impressive amount of cabinets and shelves in the kitchen, despite its size? Most housewives, if not all, simply adore when there are so many of them. It's so convenient, and most importantly - nothing superfluous on the surface. By the way, the working surface is, probably, the only negative moment we found here. There are very little space to cook in this kitchen, and the dinner table for this purpose is also not entirely convenient. But if one or two persons live in an apartment, then you can easily deal with this.

Some of the advantages of the kitchen are all these beautiful glasses, bowls and jars with stuff inside. We can only imagine that the cooking process itself brings a lot of pleasure here. And this process is very pleasant to watch from the living room, which is basically connected to the kitchen, because the apartment is small and each room should be used wisely.

The wooden staircase on the wall attracts our attention, and it undoubtedly also serves as a décor here. It can easily be used as shelves for small flowerpots with flowers, books and photo frames.

The console under the TV looks a bit old-fashioned, but at the same time it adds a certain twist to the room, diluting its black and white shades. It may even have been inherited, which is very popular in Sweden, and such things are treated with special honor.

Straight from the living room, going up the black staircase, you can get to the attic sleeping place, where a cozy bed and a large black wardrobe are located. Carpet on the floor adds comfort to this part of the home. In the kitchen, most likely, there is a powerful hood that does not allow the smells of food to go up to the sleeping place, which is very important, especially for such an apartment planning.

Source: Innerstadsspecialisten

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Serge Pufik is the founder and mastermind of blog. Sergiy is an economist by profession, he worked in real estate and from childhood was fond of interior magazines. Together with his wife Anna they run design studio PH Studio, managing projects in Ukraine and far beyond.
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  1. Елена Кон.

    Лестница на стене нужна, чтобы доставать посуду с верхних полок кухонного гарнитура, там даже направляющая есть.

    1. Анжелика

      Так лестница и висит на стене, как декор, – ждет своего часа, а не мешается под ногами. Очень нравятся такие кухни!

  2. Елена

    Классная квартира! Но кто писал этот текст? Меня опередили по поводу лестницы) И… замечание про комод, который “выглядит немного старомодным”, очень рассмешило! Он, как раз, выглядит супер современным и стильным в этом интерьере)

    1. Alexandra

      У моей бабушки был точно такой же комод, что вы в нем современного увидели удивляет

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