10 beautiful lake houses that inspire

There is perhaps no such person who has not ever dream of having a house near a lake, a sea or a river. Just imagine: you wake up in the morning, look out the window, and there’s a fresh and breathtaking view of the water. A lot of greenery around, birds sing – fantastic! And while you are picturing all this beauty in your mind, we want to show 10 lake houses, where you would want to stay forever. Enjoy!

Little heaven for a designer

It’s great when there is a place where you can escape for the weekend with the whole family and just relax from the city bustle. The designer Anne Hepfer is lucky to have one, and she goes there with her family every Friday.

Stunning view and sheep

Sometimes the only neighbour you want to face is nature and all of its beauty. This house with a beautiful view of the lake in Poland, built the architectural bureau Hola Design, is just such – only nature and sheep around.:)

Fisherman cottage converted into lake retreat

Looking at this home, you would hardly have guessed that once it was an ordinary fisherman cottage. But then the owner got tired of such a life, he decided to convert the house into a cozy guest house rest and make it for rent. And you definitely would want to come here for the weekend, because the interiors and views are simply stunning.

Country of lakes

If you ever were lucky enough to visit Sweden,  you will undoubtedly notice that there is a very large number of lakes and there are many beautiful houses around them. And even if the house is not built right by the lake, it will still be not far away. In Sweden, there are many such houses, but this one is so cozy and bright.

Escape from bustle

The owners of this lake house in Mexico are very fortunate because the home is not only stylish, modern and with stunning nature around it, it is also an ideal refuge from the bustle of everyday life. Be sure to see how the owners have arranged everything inside. Here indeed you rest with your soul and body.

Place for you soul

This cozy cottage is only 25 sqm in size, but it’s quite enough for the owner, who comes here at special moments of her life. The beautiful nature around and the lake directly by the house – this is a dream come true.

When the first impression is deceptive

When you see this house in the USA for the first time, most likely you would not guess that it is so beautiful inside, because it looks really old. But the first impression is often deceptive, so you need to step inside and then make conclusions.

Concrete style

Concrete walls too can look stylish! Proof of this is a modern villa in the suburbs of Stockholm, which is not similar to traditional Swedish houses. And there is also a swimming pool and direct access to the water.

Dream home

When you look at this cottage, you want to be pinched, because it seems that such beauty happens only in a dream. But in fact, the house is even more than real and its owners are very lucky.

Wooden beauty

On a high cliff near the lake in Alabama, you will find this modern wooden house that is so warm and comfy. Designers have tried to do everything to make the owners of this house feel happy living in it.

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