10 reasons to love white interiors

So often and so much we post various white interiors that we finally decided to make a selection of ten, in our opinion, beautiful white interiors that will not leave you indifferent. And if you are thinking of whether or not it is worth designing your apartment or house in this style, then perhaps these options will help remove all doubts and finally make the right decision.

10 examples from all over the world are waiting for you! Frankly, it was not an easy to chose only 10, as we have a lot of them on our website, but we tried very hard. Here we go!

The house that had to be saved

Is not it a beautiful house? But several years ago it could just have fallen apart and disappeared due to very bad conditions. But the local architect came to the rescue and gave a second life to the mansion, not being afraid to use a lot of white color during the reconstruction. And what came of it, you can see by clicking on the link. Sure, you’ll love it!

Perfect option

This home in Arizona is a dream for perhaps any family. It’s like from a cover page, and its white interiors are simply impressive. We do not specifically show you what it is inside to save the intrigue. Click here to continue the tour!

White in Moscow

Another great example of using white in an apartment was found in Moscow, Russia. Here they did not hesitate to dilute it with bright details. The reason why we love white, it’s just you can play with it any way you want because everything fits it. Go and see it!

Swedish dream

If you ask how Swedes see the ideal home for a family, they will surely answer you that it should be white, cozy, comfortable and there must be a cat in it. Well, for the cat we added it, of course. But we think you will not argue strongly. In the meantime, we suggest you look at one of such perfect Scandinavian houses.

House with a secret

No, we did not mix up anything. Yes, we remember that we are talking about white interiors. But secrets exists to keep them and not immediately reveal them. Black outside, but white inside. Just look inside this magical Scandinavian home, which is all white inside. You will be as excited as we are.

Whiter than white (except floor)

Given that the Scandinavian are gurus of white interiors, so we have more examples from Sweden. Moreover, they are completely not afraid of total white. Just look at this apartment. Only black floor and a couple of other none-white things are here. But how stylish it looks!

White in Spanish

The secret of the always positive and warm atmosphere of this apartment in Madrid, as you may have guessed, lies in the white. This color, after all, is ideal to combine with lots of sunlight.

Holy place

Not only old factories, plant or shops can be turned into living quarters, but even … a CHURCH! Why not? Without a doubt, white was chosen as the main color in this Australian church. Such an unusual, worthy and even divine place. By the way, a cat also lives here.:)

Producer’s choice

When you have an active lifestyle, and even creative, the choice of a white interior is quite predictable. It’s said that this color calms and refreshes. And yet does not distract from the creative process. That’s why in the capital of Finland there is such an ideal place for a local producer and composer.

Rest for a soul

The best hotels in Greece know well what color and what views are needed for an unforgettable stay. Therefore, even here the dream holiday has a name – a white paradise. What else to tell? Better look and see for yourself!

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