10 awesome masculine homes

Today we have a selection of awesome masculine homes. One our opinion, the bachelor’s space is a kind of symbiosis of chaos and order where a man lives perfectly in some incomprehensible way. But allow us to destroy this only a partially truthful myth, showing you examples of 10 impressive bachelor apartments, which even girls can envy.


Bachelor pad

A cave for a man is a place where he can rest, regain strengths, analyze his wins and failures, and refresh to a new day or season. In such a place everything must build an appropriate atmosphere. Exactly this type of apartment was found in Sweden, which seems to be designed for a real Viking.

50 shades of his apartment

Choosing the right color scheme is one of the most important aspects when designing a home for a man. Dark colors are the most popular with this choice. But using just black, gray or blue can be boring. And this masculine apartment in Moscow looks very stylish, thanks to a chic set of interesting saturated colors. Be sure to check it!

Apartment of a Hollywood star

The life of a Hollywood bachelor is very intense and usually he is rarely at home. But when such an opportunity arrives, it’s important that everything inside helps to relax from the crazy schedule. Hollywood actor Mike Myers has such a place.

Industrial bachelor apartment

Ukrainian designer Sergei Makhno created a stunning male dwelling in one of the new residential complexes in Kyiv. A man who lives in this loft is lucky. Despite the fact that Sergei has long been married and he has two children, he managed to accurately convey the atmosphere of a real bachelor apartment.

Unusual but masculine

It is unusual to see a bachelor apartment in such bright colors. But all the details are chosen so competently so you have no doubts that a man lives here.

Surprising design

We are used to that the bachelor apartment must be only in dark colors. But who said that this is a rule? Nobody. Therefore, this apartment in New York is designed in completely light scheme.

Businessman’s home

This is exactly how we imagined the apartment of a businessman who is single – practical and with a touch of minimalism. And thanks to the selected colors, this particular home looks fresh and airy. Exactly what the owner wanted.

Sherlock Holmes inspired

If Sherlock existed and lived in our time, then his apartment would look exactly like this. In every color and every detail, there is a deep meaning, understandable only to men. But all together this creates an amazing picture.

Brutal home

Brutal men’s minimalist atmosphere filled this apartment in Moldova, creating a place for a real bachelor. Sometimes it even seems that here lives James Bond. Although he unlikely ever visited Chisinau. :)

Loft for a Viking

Another great example of a bachelor apartment – a loft in Stockholm for a Viking. Here, every detail briefly and clearly conveys the essence of this man’s housing. At the same time, the interiors look attractive and stylish in its own way.

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