Black and white studio on the top floor (31 sqm)

Today we have a lovely small apartment of 31 sqm under the roof in Sweden. Its main feature is a completely open layout with only a tiny bathroom separated from the main space. By the way, all the walls and ceiling here are completely white, while the floor is in contrast black. Stylish and convenient!

We will not get tired of repeating that people, who decide on having such colors in the interior, are really courageous. White and black scheme is very beautiful and stylish, but it is suitable not for everyone. Of course, we do not try to discourage you from such a choice, but we want to warn you about what this choice means. Therefore, today we would like to talk about the pros and cons of such bold scheme in the interior design and take as an example this wonderful apartment.

Girls often do not like to wear white clothes, because they visually make them bigger and make the waist wider. But in the case of an apartment of a small quadrature, just such an unloved characteristic of white color for girls, plays a very positive role. This is true – white color in the interior decoration visually enlarges the space. And since the layout is open, imagine the scale of this visualization.

One more nice advantage – with this color scheme there is no place for a bad mood. It’s very nice to wake up when there’s such a beauty around. Also, look how great the bright details look in contrast with the white color base. This is another big pro of this color. With it you should not be afraid to play with different colors of the details of the decor, because they will fit together.

Of course, pros do not go without cons. But there is good news – every minus can easily be turned into a plus. Therefore, listing further the most obvious drawbacks of the black and white interiors, we will try to tell you how they can be turned into pluses.

The first and most obvious disadvantage is that it is very easy to spot dirt on white surfaces, and they require more thorough care. This minus can easily be turned into a plus. First of all, if you want to paint the walls in white, pick up the paint, which can be cleaned many times. Secondly, just remember, no matter what the color your home is painted in, it always needs to be cleaned. But we can easily find so many good cleansers, which can turn into a new state even the dirtiest surface. So do not be afraid of cleaning.

The second known disadvantage – a solid white design with a simple black floor can quickly become boring over time. But this situation can also be easily fixed. It’s all about the details that you use in the decorating of your house or apartment. Look at the more intense details in this apartment. They do not make it boring, but dilute. You can also not be afraid and use even brighter objects. Remember, we already told you that white is combined with everything. So why not experiment?

Summarizing, we would like to say that if you like such interiors, do not be afraid to take risks and do what you want. We live just once!

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About Author:
Anna Pufik is the founder and creative mind at blog. Anna specializes in interior design, together with her husband Sergiy they head the PH Studio design firm. She loves Scandinavian style and sophisticated timeless interiors. Follow Anna on Instagram.
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