Modern farmhouse surrounded by wild nature in Vermont

This modern farmhouse in Vermont has a very interesting design: two buildings, standing perpendicular to each other, connects a small corridor that is framed on both sides by large windows. Despite the rather modest facade, the interiors have a lot of great colors and combinations of various materials and textures: stone, wood, copper, glass. The first floor has almost perfect zoning: the wall with fireplaces on both sides separates the kitchen-living and the dining areas, while the small office is located behind bookshelves. Special attention was paid to stunning views: the home is surrounded by a field, a forest and Lake Champlain – that is why there are so many large windows in the house!

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Дом моей мечты) Вид из окна навеял воспоминания о детстве. Так на душе стало и легко и грустно одновременно……

Абсолютное совпадение с моей мечтой. А расположение, виды из окон – еще повод для восхищения. Должны быть счастливы обладатели такого дома.

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