Elegant London duplex with bright kitchen and blue living room

This duplex in London’s Chelsea is an example of modern elegance. The designer highlighted the noble color scheme with gold elements and elegant forms, and also focused on expensive textiles and interesting paintings. The kitchen is located almost in the backyard, in a room with a glass roof. Blue kitchen cabinets cheer up no worse than coffee, especially if you open the doors to the garden wide open. The dining area did not fit into the kitchen, so it was placed in the separate room, and it was desecrated a warm color scheme. But the living room turned out to be a marine mood due to the blue and turquoise hues. Elegant, functional and stylish!

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  1. Penelopa

    Отлично! Кухня какого шикарного цвета! Всё в моём вкусе :idea:

  2. Bobbi

    Какой-то российский вариант евроремонта. Вдохновлялись советскими привычками?

    1. Anna Pufik

      Интересно, что вы нашли общего у этого интерьера с евро ремонтами?:)

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