Home library and mezzanine bedroom: small industrial apartment in Stockholm (53 sqm)

How to design the space in a former industrial building with high ceilings and open plan? The owners of this apartment in Stockholm, for example, decided to install a huge home library on the whole wall and create the mezzanine bedroom above the kitchen area – as it seems to us, such a great decision. The library in an interior always looks spectacular and cozy, but with such ceilings the impression is even enhanced. It is also worth mentioning another solution – one of the walls in the living room is mirrored, so the space seems much larger than it actually is. Enjoy!

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  1. Марина

    Сделали б уже спальное место (я про кровать) напротив( где топчанчик) . Зачем же над плитой и духовкой?

  2. Коста

    Супер! Одно смущает: экран есть, а где проектор? Чудеса фотосъёмки?

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