Elegant modern interiors of 150 year old home in Australia

In 2019, this house in Melbourne, Australia, is more than 150 years old, as it was built in 1869 by the famous architect John Clark as a private residence. After a recent renovation, the interiors of the mansion look noble and quite modern. The design studio that was engaged in the project, made a choice for white color and minimalist furniture, but at the same time it all had to be combined with antique objects. In the hallway guests are greeted with two wooden dressers and a gorgeous chandelier. The main feature of the living room – a fireplace and a mirror in a gilded frame. In the kitchen next to the modern cabinets there are old wooden dining table and chairs. The past and the present can definitely coexist together, and this home perfectly proves this!

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Maria is the lead author at pufikhomes.com. She finished faculty of journalism and art school, works in the field of PR and has a special passion for cozy interiors. Warm and soulful interiors where the life is felt are really close to her.
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