Tiffany color in design: how to decorate your home with trendy shade of turquoise

Finally decided on the long-awaited changes in your home? Surely everyone knows that renovations is not an easy process, which requires a large amount of strength and nerves. Upon completion of construction work, the most difficult part in updating the home is interior decoration. Want to create a space that is associated with a carefree rest and relax, with captivating sea waves and their freshness? In this article, you will learn about the most trendy and practical color scheme and its combinations.

Well, it’s time to add color to your everyday life. To create the atmosphere of a true paradise, the so-called Tiffany shade will help – one of the most popular and chic tones of this season.


  1. How to use tiffany color correctly
  2. Bright details
  3. Accessories
  4. Holistic interior

Interesting! Turquoise is a mineral with an unusual variety of shades, ranging from pure green to a variety of shades of transparent blue. One of the most popular colors of natural stone is a mixture of sky blue and pale green, which has become branded in the famous jewelry company Tiffany & Co, which is why this tone was called the color of Tiffany.

How to use the color of Tiffany in the interior design

Bright and, at the same time, gentle shade is amazingly suitable for both weak and strong sexes, so its use has become very popular in the design recently.

Interesting! Many psychologists have proven that this color contributes to peace, tranquility, ease and confidence!

Nowadays, many people often prefer muted and pastel colors when decorating their houses and apartments, considering classics to be an option that will never get bored.Also, most of them are sure that monotony helps to relax and relieve tension. But, unfortunately, this is not so. Want to know why? Then read on!

Of course, in addition to the relax effect, such shades can have an adverse effect on the human nervous system, causing a feeling of fatigue due to its monotony.

Already designed your interior in pastel colors and want to diversify it? Or want to update the spaces of your house, but don’t know how to make it as cozy and beautiful as possible?

Do not worry, we will tell you some secrets about creating the perfect home decoration.

Secret one – bright details

For those who are just about to start update in their homes, we want to talk about one of the most popular and universal shades.

A rich palette of turquoise tones is an excellent option, which in the summer will help to refresh the atmosphere and ‘cool’ the mood, giving coolness to the breeze of the sea wave, and in the winter it will help to create a festive mood for relaxation even in the most severe colds.Are you a creative person or just love bright and original images? Then feel free to combine the color of Tiffany with orange, terracotta, brick, scarlet or carrot shades.

Important! Let us share one rule with you: in such combinations, red tones should by no means cover more than a quarter of the area, otherwise the design of the space will be defiant and ridiculous!

The win-win solution is to highlight interesting shapes and unusual objects with turquoise shades.

For example, functional areas that are separated by columns, unusual stairs or complex and ornate mirror frames – all this can be turned into dominant accents and highlighted in a common style.Also, the Tiffany color can emphasize the stucco components of the interior and decorate the walls. Of course, do not forget that there should not be many saturated shades, so try to take white or beige for the main color in combination with turquoise.

Thanks to contrasts, you can create a real fairy tale in your home, while following the latest fashion trends. Create a holistic interior of the entire room, using modern shades and their various combinations.

The color that inspires the jewelers of the famous Tiffany & Co brand pushes global experiments. In addition to highlighting details, it can easily be the main one in the design, for example, of a kitchen. Want the atmosphere to inspire you to create real culinary masterpieces? Then do not be afraid of daring and risky combinations. Design a backsplash, walls, furniture, countertops, or even the floor and windows in turquoise colors. Be sure that such color schemes will definitely change your usual perception of space.You can have fun at the festive table using the turquoise shade for tablecloths or utensils.

Interesting! Cold shades are thought to reduce appetite. This will help you not to gain extra pounds!

Secret two – accessories

Have you chosen classic pastel shades such as gray, beige, brown, peach or gray, and feel like the design is already boring? Then you just need to take action and do everything possible to make your nest cozy and beautiful. You are wondering: how to diversify an interior without major changes and high costs?
Accessories come to the rescue. Only a few Tiffany colors can create a tone and become the main decorative accents, for example, the following:

  • Upholstery
  • Frames
  • Plaids and covers
  • Lamps.
  • Pouf.
  • Curtains.

In addition to the above, a huge variety of modern accessories will help you refresh the design and fill it with a cozy atmosphere. But it is not necessary to completely change the headset.

An old chest of drawers or wardrobe can easily become a highlight of the interior. Just paint the furniture and your interior will noticeably change and be filled with new bright colors.You think that an old sofa cannot become an art object? Let us dispel your beliefs with one piece of advice: do not rush to throw it away, but give a second life to your headset.

To upgrade, you need to clean the wooden components of the sofa and cover them with varnish, and change the upholstery to a new one – saturated turquoise. Such furniture will definitely decorate and diversify both the living room and the kitchen.

For a kids room, Tiffany color is one of the most suitable. Both girls and boys will surely like it, and most importantly, it will not lose its relevance in the process of growing up a child, such as pink or blue.

Secret three – holistic interior

You have a studio apartment? Want to combine functional areas with a single design? Turquoise color is often used in interior decoration as an assistant, which contributes to the creation of a solid style of all rooms.

For example, you can paint several walls, headsets or fill the room with various Tiffany-colored details. Thus, each room will have something similar.Interiors that are based on this shade often have a modern-style look. Do you want to live in a modern apartment designed according to the latest trends?

Then choose turquoise tones in its design. Be sure, when using this color, your nest will be filled with even greater comfort and extraordinary beauty.

Custom solutions are what modern people need. Summing up, we can say that the color of Tiffany is an incredibly deep shade, which in different combinations fills the room with incredible comfort, freshness and aesthetics.Also, it contributes to the creation of harmonious and seamless design. Remember the main thing – do not overdo! Discreet combinations of shade will make the interiors of your home luxurious, but at the same time they will not lose their coziness.

Combine turquoise shades with various pastel colors, be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment.

See the real home designed in Tiffany color:

Blue dream: beach home in Portugal

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