English style in interior design: welcome to the home of real gentleman

English style interior is a common name for various trends in design and architecture that developed in Great Britain from the Middle Ages to the present. British style is loved because its austere elegance, classic luxury, high quality materials, the presence of many decorative elements and the absence of too catcy accents. In its best form, it is an example of elegance and good taste. But, to recreate it in its entirety, it will take a significant investment.

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  1. Features of English style
  2. English-style furniture and important accessories
  3. Kithcen in English style – modernity in old-fashioned wrapping
  4. English-style bedrom: oasis of tranquility and comfort
  5. English iving room – hearth and soul of the home
  6. Bathroom in English style
  7. English style entry
  8. Kids room in English home
  9. English country house

Color palette

The color palette usually consists of three or four colors that make the room cozy and attractive. Colors can be both bright and muted. Modern English style in interior design is distinguished by a variety of romantic patterns and floral prints. Also, the British are fans of muted red. It can be found on carpets and rugs in a large cage. White cabinets are quite popular.


The style intends an abundance of different fabrics. Soft sofas upholstered in plush or leather, cushions of corrugated fabric and lace window curtains look absolutely harmonious. Chintz with a floral or printed polka dot pattern and damask are the most popular materials. It is interesting that all of them can be combined in one room and large prints are usually combined with small ones.


Classic English style in interiord design is represented by Victorian furniture. The predominant material is wood in a light or dark tone. It can be painted, screen and have an antique look. Tables, dressers and bookshelves are usually made of oak, redwood or pine. Accents, such as handles on drawers, can be made of brass. Sofas and chairs, as a rule, are of low landing and covered with a soft tapestry. Cozy cushions soften the hard look of wooden chairs and seats.


English colonial style in interior design is represented by massive hangers, built-in bookshelves and cabinets for porcelain, located throughout the house. They display beautiful objects and heirlooms. For example, tea sets, straw baskets or photographs in luxurious gilded frames.

элементы декора в английском стиле


Interiors in English style has soft, diffused lighting, rather than the presence of one main source of light in the form of a lamp on the ceiling. Therefore, you should make a choice in favor of wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps, which give a soft warm light. You can complement the interior with candles in elegant gold-plated candlesticks.

English-style decor in the spirit of colonial Britain emphasizes the functionality of furniture and objects that have an antique, but good-looking apearence. The furniture is complemented with fittings: pilasters, beautiful handles and guards for keyholes.

Besides, a good addition will be:

  • Carpet with interesting print;
  • Golden decor elements;
  • English style tiles;
  • Wallpaper, lamps and windows in English style;
  • Pillows on windowsills;
  • Flooring with pattern;
  • Furniture with curved legs.

комната с камином в английском стиле

This style is about an interweaving of the ancient traditions of the UK with modern technology. It will appeal to lovers of home libraries, cozy fireplace, as well as porcelain collectors.

Decorating tips

  1. Used furniture can be painted and then lightly polished to give it an antique look..
  2. Sofa and chair covers is an easy way to recreate the spirit of English houses without buying new furniture.
  3. Small family pictures in frames can be hung on the wall.

English-style furniure and interios accessories

To successfully design a modern interior in English style, it is necessary to supplement the space with the following items:


It is difficult to imagine a true British home without the comfort of a burning fireplace. Ideally, this should be a real fireplace, but it can be replaced with a modern electric one. To convey the spirit of antiquity, you can use the natural stone or brickwork as the finishing of a portal, as well as arrange the furniture so that it faces the fireplace. A soft wool rugs around it will add to the cozy atmosphere.

Chesterfield Sofa

The interior of an apartment of a house in English style must include this piece of furniture. Coming to us from the 18th century, it looks modern, luxurious and trendy. The sofa can be made in various interpretations: from skin of dark chocolate color to soft plush upholstery in various colors. Often this particular sofa becomes the brightest accent of the living room.

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Every English home has a place for a collection of books. It can be either a separate room or a wooden wall rack. It is recommended to recreate the English style in the interior of an apartment with the help of a pair of soft armchairs, a low table and a floor lamp.

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English style staircase

The staircase, made in the aristocratic spirit, will become a real highlight of the home. It can be made contrasting by painting the railing and the space between the steps in a light shade and leaving the steps themselves in the color of natural wood.

Fireplace armchairs

A special detail of interior design is a fireplace armchair, upholstered in velvet or genuine leather. A room in the English style, as we know, breathes comfort and luxury. Therefore, all furniture should have a soft upholstery (can be quilted) and comfortable armrests made of high quality thick fabric.

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English-style kitchen – modernity in old-fashioned wraping

Kitchen in English style has a realxed, comfortable and slightly “old-fashioned” look. Traditional kitchens ometimes include a cozy English-style armchair. A sofa or comfortable chairs provide a place to sit and socialize at home. Ceiling beams, arched doorways and kitchen islands are typical kitchen features in this style.

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Interior of a kitchen in classic English style usually is designed in the following color schemes: antique white, light gray, light yellow, soft cream and other pastel shades. Details such as curtains, canopies, kitchen towels, pillows for sitting and tablecloths provide excellent opportunities for the distribution of bright color accents.


The most important thing to think about when choosing a material for such kitchen is reliability. Therefore, in order to create a design that would serve for many years, it is important to choose high-quality materials. Mainly natural stone, wood and marble, furniture and kitchen set of which is decorated with expensive gilded fittings and carvings should be used.

Cabinets and kitchen islands

You can use glazed kitchen cabinets painted white to bring desired “antique” effect into English-style dining room. The built-in cupboard has two functions: it displays beautiful kitchenware and also serves as a storage space. Glass cabinet doors and open shelves filled with woven baskets, old teapots, Chinese dishes and other antiques add special charm and coziness.

English-style cookware and accessories

In the kitchen, wall paintings that convey the British spirit. It can be picturesque countryside, farm animals or hunting scenes. Copper pots, old jugs, collections of teapots, cups and saucers or antique kitchen utensils located on open shelves and cabinets will be a great addition.

Kitchen design may include a kitchen island, surrounded by chairs with backs of vertical bars and woven seats. And for the work surface is best to use granite.


Bedroom in English style: oasis of calm and comfort

To convey the English style in bedroom interior design, you cannot but use a spectacular bed. The ideal option would be a gorgeous bed with a high, canopy-covered headboard and beautiful carvings, made of natural wood of dark breeds. The atmosphere in the bedroom will also be created by the presence of a variety of fabrics: curtains with drapes, bedspreads with embroidered small flowers, plaid plaids and several pillows of various sizes.

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English-style living room – hearth and soul of the house

The living room in this design is ideal for a comfortable stay. Due to the climatic features of the region, the presence of “warming” details is a characteristic feature of such a dwelling. First of all, a fireplace, as well as recliners and sofas with high backs and “ears” that protect the person from drafts.

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The English style in the interior of a living room means a dining table and sofa located in center of the room. It should be noted that an important element is the bookshelves, which sometimes occupy the entire height and width of the wall. The decor uses an abundance of accessories: cushions, openwork napkins, porcelain objects. As for the colors, the British prefer cream, honey, dark red and beige tones.

What materials prevail in the living room with a fireplace? A natural wood of dark colors or a laminate in a large cage will suit the floor, which will visually expand the room. Walls are treated with lacquered wall panels, wallpaper, and fabric. On the floor you can put a light carpet with floral ornaments.

English style bathroom

To create such design, it is desirable to have a spacious bathroom. Pieces of furniture must be arranged so that they can move with ease, which is difficult to achieve if the bathroom is ultra small.

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Traditionally, bathroom interior is decorated with contrasting black and white ceramic tiles. But this is not the only option. Walls can also be treated with wallpaper and wood. In this case, the lower part is lined with wooden panels, and the upper one is covered with wallpaper with a floral pattern. The top should always be lighter than the bottom.

ванная комната в английском стиле

To embody this classic style you need a special retro bath. It should be cast iron, with fancy-shaped metal legs. The use of modern ergonomic technology in English bathroom is unacceptable.


English entry

The house of true residents of Foggy Albion can meet its owners in different ways: from a huge empty hall to a small space with a set of the most necessary furniture. Already here you can see the love of the British people for antiques, and the entrances to the adjacent rooms are often draped with heavy curtains.


Kids room in English home

Kids room in this style should ideally be divided into zones: a playroom, a bedroom and a desk (if the kid goes to school). As for the color range, you can use traditional for decoration colors: cream, beige, pale pink and white in combination with more saturated colors (burgundy, green, brick color and red).

Romantic patterns with small flowers will be suitable for a girl, and for a boy the adventure or sea theme will be ideal. A popular solution is also to use the colors of the UK flag. Children’s furniture in English style usually includes a bed with a lot of retractable shelves under the bottom and several closets.


English country house

The house in this design as if descended from the pages of Jane Austen or a collection of fairy tales for children. As a rule, it has two floors and is surrounded by a garden. Stone and brick are used in facing, but they can be combined with wood. These materials provide durability due to moisture-proof properties. The facade of the house in the English style is massive, reliable and has high windows. The layout of the house provides a fireplace.

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Tudor houses

Such a house is easily recognizable by its symmetrical forms, the tower above the main entrance and the glazed veranda. The basis of the house is a bearing beam frame filled with clay, brick or foam concrete. The English style in the interior of the house in the spirit of Tudor implies a ground floor of stone, and the second and third are lined with light plaster.

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Classic country house

The main feature of the classic country house is the use of natural materials: stone and wood. Most often this is a one-story building of the correct proportions with an attic, which hosts a bedroom. It is characterized by semi-circular roofs that resemble thatch roofs from the time of Shakespeare. The sides of the house can be tiled or plastered. The interiors of such houses in English country style involves a fireplace, and outside the house you can see a protruding chimney.

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