Boho style interiors: design that is meant to amaze

Boho or (boho chic) is a design for those who want their home to be filled with life, carelessness and bold colors. Having absorbed all the most relaxed and unusual, this style in decoration is ideal for creative persons with free flight of fantasy. Only here you can see a unique combination of oriental and French motifs or a luxurious antique mirror next to a colorful homespun rug. In short, this design was created to best display the inner world of the home owners of and create the perfect atmosphere for creativity.

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What is boho style?

The name comes from the word Bohemia, a region of the same name in the Czech Republic, where many gypsies used to live. Therefore, this style is so similar to the image of this people. It is bright, slightly wild, impermanent, creative and as free as possible. The style has some feature classic, glamour and eco styles.

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There are many options in this kind of interior design. For example, if you choose ethnic boho style, you can express your creative nature with the help of national elements and decor items of your favorite country. And you can reveal your inner hippie, giving up any rules. Only universal love and optimism, expressed in fanciful colors, geometric patterns and hand-made products are present in boho interiors.


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  5. Colorful kids room

Boho style interiors

This style allows to design an interior with the help of the elements of radically different styles. But be careful, you must keep them in harmony. The most important thing in such design is that it should reflect as much as possible the character of the owner and his favorite activities.


Interiors in the style of boho chic does not have a specific color scheme. The most common warm earth (brown, terracotta) and metallic colors. Tones of precious metals and stones, such as rich purple, fiery orange and electric blue, can often be seen in accessories and decor. Vivid toxic shades will look out of place in a boho chic interior.

Boho accessories

Each accessory should tell the story of people living in the house. Exquisitely decorated jewelry boxes, vintage bottles, cards and porcelain from different sets – everything is limited only by your imagination. Fans of this style like travel a lot, so there are objects and ornaments from around the world in the room.

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It should be mentioned that this interior design tends to combine non-regular items. But this does not mean that the style is devoid of attractiveness and glamor. Therefore, do not be afraid to decorate the ceiling with a crystal chandelier or hang a refined mirror in a gold frame. The only rule is that every item in the room should be in harmony with the decor.

Furniture in boho style

Antique items that can not be bought in the nearest shop, most accurately convey the charm of boho. Their shapes, style and size are not given so much importance as in other directions. You can combine completely different items, and each of them must have its own history. To do this, you can purchase vintage items at flea markets. Furniture of the Victorian era, such as couches and sofas in rich colors with a frame of dark color and carving, is the most suitable for this purpose.

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Materials and finishes

The coziness in boho room is mainly created by textile accessories: heavy curtains, cushions, wide blankets, soft poufs. With their help, you can arrange a few small areas for relax. When choosing the finishing, there are no boundaries. Renovation works can be made on a budget or, conversely, with the use of expensive natural materials.

Colorful and unusual decor

If you want to recreate the Bohemian atmosphere at home, remember that there are no strict rules of decor in it. But exactly vintage and hand-made things will fit into it most organically. Antiques can be purchased at the flea market or found digging in grandmother’s chest. Perhaps some of them have their own history and will find a place in the interior. For example:

  • beautiful boho paintings in vintage frames;
  • colored doorways;
  • molding;
  • souvenirs from different countries;
  • statuettes;
  • bulb garlands;
  • posters and wall ornaments;
  • decorative globes;
  • boho curtain accessories.

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Boho kitchen

Always dreamed of a motley set of kitchenware or pink curtains? The boho kitchen is a place where any colors can be combined. Feel free to make a color accent on the table top or cabinets. In the kitchen, it’s ok to create kind of chaos with cans, boxes, pottery, multi-colored kitchen utensils, and dried plants. Decorate the kitchen will help of living flowers in pots, as well as real herbs in the vases. A vintage chandelier will look best here.

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Different ways of living room decoration

Classic Bohemian interiors often tends to traditional forms. Having chosen it, use furniture with direct and strict forms. With the help of velvet, lace and tapestry in the living room, you can arrange the necessary accents.

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Eco boho is suitable for those who prefer natural materials in at home. Leather, silk and natural wood will give the living room sophistication and charm.

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The hippie way in the living room makes it possible to reveal inner freedom. It embodies the originality and is full of many handmade parts.

Bedroom: relaxed and informal

The bedroom in this style is a stronghold of comfort and a place for creativity. A bed is not a mandatory element (you can get along with a mattress), but if you choose it, then get spacious bedding sets and a large colorful blanket. The curtains that fall on the floor are meant to create an atmosphere of ease and relaxation, making every day a weekend. When finishing, use natural materials and do not forget about the original decor: pillows, souvenirs and woven rugs. The more ornaments you manage to collect, the better the idea will be conveyed.

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спальня в стиле бохо - фото

Colorful kids room

Boho helps create a real fairy-tale world in the kids room. Bright and unusual interiors in this style will appeal to all children, and the decor for it can be made with your own hands at your convenience. The creative atmosphere is expressed by the riot of colors: colored rugs, patchwork quilts, drawings, toys on the shelves, as well as chalk walls for drowing. All these design details you can make with your child.

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We invite you to take a video tour of the charming small apartment designed in boho style

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