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If you find white Scandinavian interiors too cold and boring, then you might like this charming apartment in Stockholm. The color scheme comprises different tones of beige, from light to saturated dark ones which give the interiors warm and cozy feel. A lot of details in decoration make this home live and real. Great living!

Grey color is not the warmest and brightest but interiors in grey look so stylish! This spacious apartment in Stockholm is another great example of the cool use of this color. Elegant and modern, yet cozy and charming. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Neutral traditional interiors and colorful accents make up this beautiful American home designed by BHDM studio. There is a lot of life in this house thanks to plants and flowers throughout the home and to juicy textiles and decor. Very inspiring place!

“If the apartment space is small then let’s open it!” – that was probably the idea behind the design of this apartment in Stockholm with total area of only 44 sqm. Or living zones was united into one open room where the sleeping place is only separated by almost invisible white curtain. In this way,…

This apartment in Stockholm is an epitome of everything we love about Scandinavian design. Here we see stylish grey in contrast with typical white, neat modern IKEA-style furniture, various picture frames, lovely decor. Simple but beautiful interiors!

Designer Dan Mazzarini from BHDM Studio describes their recent Manhattan apartment project as “manicured, masculine, but approachable and livable”. He says the interiors were inspired by the way the client was dressed – a lawyer with a distinct style no matter it’s a suit-and-tie or more casual occasion. At the end, the client got a wonderful…

Scandinavian interiors are associated with comprehensive white color and bright details. But the fact is that Scandinavian designers can sometimes do beautiful dark toned spaces as well and this small Swedish apartment of 49 sqm is an excellent illustration. This interior is all the way around: the walls are painted in dark grey and the furniture…

White and grey are probably the most popular colors in Scandinavian design. Interiors of this apartment in Sweden ideally blends both of them creating a very stylish living. It is cozy and elegant at the same time, also warm and modern. Enjoy!

Apartments by Swedish real estate agency Historiska Hem have their own style and atmosphere. Usually they are photographed in subdued light with a lot of contrast and dark accents which make them look mysterious. Just like this beautiful atmospheric apartment in Stockholm!