4 Home Solar System Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The solar industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. It’s experienced 33% growth every year over the past decade. That’s why it’s no surprise that you have solar panels yourself.

However, having solar panels doesn’t mean they’ll work great forever. You need to perform some maintenance to keep them working well.

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Do you want to know what to avoid when taking care of your home solar system maintenance? Avoid the four solar maintenance equipment mistakes below to keep your equipment running.

1. Bad Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solar panels is something that’s easy to do but can still go wrong. You need a specific cleaning solution to care for your panels. Unfortunately, some people use any cleaner they can get their hands on.

Harsh cleaners will strip the protective coating from solar panels. Simple and gentle solutions are much more effective at cleaning and protecting your equipment.

2. Cleaning in Direct Sunlight

You can clean your solar panels at any time, but certain times of the day carry more risks. In particular, you should avoid cleaning solar panels in direct sunlight during the brightest parts of the day.

Direct sunlight can cause your cleaner to evaporate more quickly. You also risk damage if you get a cleaning solution on certain parts of your solar panels in direct sunlight. That will cause your panels to become less efficient in the future.

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3. Not Removing Debris

Your solar installation will work great if you get great sun exposure. However, the elements will take their toll over time and eventually blow debris onto your roof. That can block the light from hitting your solar panels.

Regularly check your solar panels to see if there are limbs, leaves, and other debris on your panels. If there are, you probably won’t get great results from your solar installation. You’ll need to clean your panels to improve your solar output.

Debris can affect other units of your system too, so make sure you find solutions for them. Homeowners often go for Semper Solaris Battery Storage to make sure their source of power is never interrupted. This, however, will not be necessary if you keep your solar panels clean and well-maintained.

4. Ignoring Regular Checkups

It should be no surprise that your solar performance will degrade over time, but you shouldn’t see significant decreases. There is a standard reduction in capacity that you should know about when you buy your solar installation.

However, there are sometimes unknown problems that you won’t see if you put off regular solar system inspections. You can have solar panel damage and other issues that are hard to find unless you’re a pro.

That’s where working with Blue Raven benefits you. A pro can spot these issues and fix them to return your installation to working order.

Avoid the Common Home Solar System Maintenance Mistakes

Installing a solar system will significantly reduce your power bills and help the environment, but they won’t work at full capacity forever. If you want to get the most you can from your solar equipment, you need to do regular home solar system maintenance to keep your panels running.

Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes you can make when maintaining your solar panels. Keep the errors above in mind to handle maintenance the right way.

Head back to the blog to learn more maintenance tips you can use for other parts of your home.

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