5 main mistakes when operating a boiler

Boilers are installed in almost every home, but not all use them in an optimal way. Often people do not pay attention to obvious problems, being surprised then that the unit fails. To minimize the risk, you should buy only quality models from trusted manufacturers.

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Consider now 5 main mistakes when using water heaters:

Installation disturbances

Most of the problems with water heating technology are due to the desire of users to save money. The most common case is trying to install a boiler on your own. However, unwillingness to pay money to an experienced specialist can lead to bad consequences. Users carry out independent installation, not knowing how to properly connect the boiler – this disrupts its operation and leads to quick breakdowns.

Lack of periodic maintenance

During its operation, the boiler passes a huge amount of water through the tank. If it is of poor quality, with a high concentration of salts, it will negatively affect the “health” of the unit. Of course, only if you do not carry out timely cleaning. Worst of all is the heating element, which gradually grows overgrown with salt deposits, which create a barrier between the water and the heating surface.

After a thick layer of scale appears on the heating element, the boiler will become practically useless.

The instructions for each boiler model indicate the period after which preventive cleaning must be carried out.

Unstable electrical connection conditions

Any electrical appliance that is included in an unstable network will not be able to withstand such conditions for a long time. This also applies to boilers – as soon as a critically strong drop occurs in the network, the electronic board will fail, leading to the complete inoperability of the boiler.

Another problem associated with problem networks is the risk of electric shock. If you notice that when you touch the water from the hot water tap or metal parts in the bathroom, you feel electricity, it is better to immediately call a technician who will find the source of the problem. Remember – an electric shock is an unpleasant and dangerous thing.

Using a faulty boiler

At the first signs of malfunctions, you should suspend operation, identify and eliminate the causes of the boiler breakdown. Without doing this, you run the risk of making the unit unusable. This does not apply if the water heating time has changed slightly or the temperature has dropped. However, if the thermostat readings are incorrect, there is no heating, or other serious symptoms, contact a service center or call a technician.

Water connection with too high pressure

Boilers connected to a high-pressure water supply will not function properly. This leads to accelerated wear due to the high loads on the machine. You can identify the problem by the loud noise during operation. Normal noise levels when using boilers are low enough that you will not notice it. If the sounds coming from the boiler begin to annoy, perhaps this indicates a too powerful pressure of water entering the device.

Always be attentive to the technique and do not ignore the problems when using it. Correct connection of the boiler and prevention will be the key to the long operation of the unit and its high efficiency.

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