8 Bed Ideas if You’re Short on Space

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. But what if you live in a tiny apartment or have to share it with someone?

The best way to deal with a small bedroom is by getting creative. From bunk beds to lofted beds, there are many ways you can maximize your space and still have enough room for yourself. Here we will share eight ideas that will help you make the most of your small bedroom. 

Which bed is right for me?

Before deciding on a particular bed for your home, you will need to consider multiple factors such as your age, lifestyle, and preferred mattress type.  You should also take into account the size of the room, budget, and existing décor.

1. Loft Beds

A loft bed is a great idea if you are short on space. Loft beds are situated high up, allowing you open access directly below the bed. 

You can use the space below to fit a desk and chair, making this an excellent option for students or individuals working from home. If you enjoy reading before bed, this could also be an ideal place to put your favorite books, along with a lamp, so that you don’t disturb anyone else if you are sharing a room.

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2. Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are another great idea for small spaces. These days, they come as wall-mounted beds, making them even more compact.

Different styles and finishes, such as white lacquer, can make your bedroom look modern and chic. Keep in mind that you will need to access the back of the wall for installation purposes, though. If you live in an apartment building, check with your landlord or building manager before buying a murphy bed to ensure it fits within the design guidelines.

3. Futon

A futon is another option that can work well with limited space. The bed’s minimalist approach means you only have the frame and mattress on the floor, so there is no need for bulky furniture or bed frames.

During the day, the futon can be folded up and serve as a makeshift couch, providing two convenient purposes in one product. Then, when night falls and you are ready to go to sleep, simply push the back of the futon down to set up your bed again.

4. Daybed

Like futons, daybeds can also be used as a couch during the day, and at night they can easily convert into a comfortable bed. The best part is that most daybeds can be customized in many different ways, making it easy for you to find the style that best suits your personality. Both futons and daybeds could also be great options if you do not have a guest bedroom but occasionally have friends or family stay overnight.

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5. Hideaway Bed

Hideaway beds are perfect if you are looking for a bed that doesn’t take up much floor space when it’s not being used at night. They serve as an attractive cabinet with a foldable bed inside. A hideaway bed is a great option if you have a limited amount of floor space in your bedroom but still want to ensure enough room for storage or seating during the day.

6. Storage Bedframes

Storage bed frames are especially useful if you have limited space for keeping your belongings. These frames typically feature multiple drawers for optimal storage.

With so much extra room in the frame itself, you should easily find plenty of space to fit everything from books and knickknacks to clothes and more, helping you keep your bedroom organized and free of clutter.

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7. Raised Bedframe

If you have a raised bed frame, the space directly underneath your bed could also provide extra space to store items. For example, the area under the bed could be a good spot to place items such as suitcases or workout gear. Furthermore, the higher the frame, the more space available.

However, if you have mobility issues or are elderly, you should make sure you can comfortably get in and out of bed. If the bed is too high off the ground, this could lead to problems down the road.

8. Bunk Beds

Many bunk beds are built with space in mind. If you have a roommate and the two of you share a room, consider investing in a bunk bed to help save space. Two beds on the ground, even Twin size, could easily eat up the space available in the bedroom, making it more difficult to get around and store your belongings.

If you have children or grandchildren who spend time in your home, a bunk bed can also be a fun option for kids. Just make sure that they are old enough to safely get in and out of bed, particularly if they are using the top bunk.

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