A 5-step guide to designing the perfect shower

If you love taking showers in the morning or evening, making it your dream space at home makes sense. After all, taking showers can decrease tension and relieve stress after a long hectic day at work. If you’re considering a shower renovation, you can refer to this guide to get some handy design advice.

Whether you want a modern, classic, or spa-like shower, it pays to know that you can achieve any dream shower design you can imagine. So long as you have proper planning and the aid of professional solutions like the ones you can find on this great site, you’ll be on your way to designing the shower of your dreams.

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Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Decide On What Type Of Shower To Get

You need to decide what kind of shower you want to install first.

Before deciding what type of shower to go for, you should assess and evaluate the space in your bathroom. What would be the best type of shower appropriate for its size and layout?

Next, you should decide what shower elements to add. For instance, you might want a shower and tub tandem, or simply just shower fixtures and bare shower floors.

Finally, you may want to expand your usable space. Shower niches are a great idea. These are cubbyhole-like open storage areas designed to keep all your bathroom supplies neatly organized within the wall of your shower or tub.

  1. Choose Your Shower Door

The next thing to decide on is your shower door.

Start by choosing which material it should be made of. There’s no limit to your choices. But if you want something that’s in style, you can try glass shower doors. These allow you to create focal points in your bathroom space that heighten its overall design. Combine that with accent tiles, and you get an extremely classy look.

Hinged glass doors are a go-to option. However, sliding glass doors are also in style. This is ideal for those with limited bathroom floor space. Remember to factor in other bathroom elements such as the sink, toilet, dresser, and cabinets to make sure you have enough room.

When designing your shower door, it’s ideal to think about the hardware fixtures, too. These include the knobs and door hinges. Also, make sure to choose a finish that works well with your overall bathroom design.

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  1. Consider Ambient Lighting

Shower lighting is essential to your overall shower experience. Lighting the mirror in the bathroom is particularly important. Some bathrooms make it the focal point, so targeting lighting in this area makes sense.

The mirror should be illuminated from both sides by wall-mounted lights at eye level. This is useful for you and your family members for doing their daily routines using it. As for the rest of your shower, choose ambient lighting for your ceiling to enhance your bathroom’s coziness and warmth.

  1. Invest In Great Plumbing Fixtures

While aesthetics plays a big part in achieving your dream shower space, you should prioritize durability and function above all.

Shower heads and controls come with an array of options. The key is to go for durable and sturdy materials that can stand the test of time. Some brands are made of stainless steel or other long-lasting metals. These reduce the need for constant repairs and replacements.

Style, functionality, and finish are all important considerations here. By working with a design pro, you can narrow down the options to fit your space and lifestyle.

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  1. Think About Aesthetic Elements

Showers are a favorite space for some people because they’re enclosed places where they can relax, rejuvenate, and calm their senses after a long day. Since there could be days when you want to spend a longer time in the shower, it’s best to incorporate more aesthetic elements into it.

You can make your shower more stylish by adding glamorous details with set color palettes. There’s no stopping you from going monochrome, of course. But even that can look amazing with smart aesthetic choices. Complement the overall color scheme with some decorative shower elements, such as indoor plants, art decor, and racks. These little touches go a long way and completing your ideal shower space.


A well-thought shower space design can help you create the shower experience you’ve always wanted. It’s smart to balance both function and aesthetics when designing it. Make sure to take your time with the research and come up with reasonable designs to avoid ruining your budget.

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