A guide to accenting your home with natural elements

From the sparkling sunlight to the starry nights in grassy fields, nature inspires us with the most wonderful of views and landscapes. Various home design trends take inspiration from natural elements, incorporating them into modern living spaces to bring a calming yet lively sense to the place.

Bringing Nature Indoors

The trend of earthy tones and foliage decor is timeless, and can be done in any home to fit the natural aesthetic. Bringing nature into your home can be done as simple as bringing potted plants indoors, but to truly live for the natural aesthetic, consider the environmental aspect of your decor as well.

As much as possible, take time to research sustainable materials that you can incorporate into your home. With the advancement of environmentally-friendly materials, there are endless options and alternatives to the natural elements that would otherwise be destructive to supply, like wood, seashells, and coral.

Here’s a guide to breathe life into your home, inspired by the great outdoors! While some of these works can be done DIY, we recommend hiring a professional contractor to ensure the renovations and decor are built correctly.

1. Maintain an Indoor Terrarium Wall or Garden

An indoor terrarium provides a natural aesthetic within the home, and increases the air quality in the house. Indoor terrarium walls, unlike potted plants, are typically constructed as garden patches in the wall where potting mix is added for succulents to latch onto, creating a garden where paintings are usually hanged.

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An indoor terrarium garden bed is constructed in a large basin, usually made of concrete or natural stone, and is filled with potting mix and plants. These can be covered by beautifully-crafted glass panels for humidity, or left as an open space to be appreciated in its full natural glory.

Succulents and cacti are perfect for indoor terrariums, as they are low maintenance yet pleasing to the eyes. Maintaining an indoor terrarium is considered an A&A work, which you may need to hire an A&A contractor for. Homeowners may opt for automatic watering systems and light fixtures to provide the plants with the nutrients they need to thrive.

2. Re-tile your Floors with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood isn’t only great for natural aesthetics, they’re great for the environment! Reclaimed wood is essentially wood from old houses, back when homeowners would use strong and durable hardwood like oak for their floors. The result is a vintage, aged wood that brings the perfect balance of nature and class.

Because reclaimed wood is vintage, you may need professional assistance to scout and apply them into your home. Reclaimed wood is in limited quantity, and quality differs from plank to plank. However, reclaimed wood provides durable and sustainable flooring that will bring the great outdoors into your home!

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3. Keep to Natural Tones

Repainting the rooms in your home is an easy task, albeit time-consuming. Both patterned and smooth walls can be painted in natural hues to project the beauty of natural landscapes in your indoor spaces. Natural tones are typically muted colours, accented with bright hues like how flowers accent fields.

Choose an array of beige, browns, greens, and accent with yellows or pinks for that soothing vibe with a splash of colour! Cover up the floor and furniture with a protective sheet to prevent paint splatters. Apply paint in several, thin layers, and allow ample time to dry before touching the walls.

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4. Marble Countertops are Natural and Durable

Marble, granite, and other natural stones bring a timeless, sophisticated look to your home. Countertops made from these materials present a stunning natural finish, and will last you a lifetime when cared for properly. Source marble from reputable and sustainable suppliers, and you’ll have a centerpiece that will become a family heirloom!

There are plenty of marble accents available in the market, but for a home that is truly a blend of rustic and class, go for natural-cut, tumbled slabs with a matte finish that would look as natural as it can get. The uneven surface of tumbled marble provides a gorgeously rustic appearance that would breathe life into any kitchen, living room, or bathroom!

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5. Make use of Sustainable and Natural Decor

Contrary to popular belief, seashells aren’t sustainable decorations for your home. Seashells are used by hermit crabs and other sea animals for homes, food, and to balance the ecosystem. Taking seashells from the beach may not harm the environment, but turning it into a commercial industry can have negative effects on the marine ecosystem.

Instead, go for natural resources that are both sustainable and biodegradable. Use loofah sponges, harvested from a gourd, instead of the plastic sponges we’ve come to know. Source natural wool rugs from sustainable farms instead of buying synthetic materials. Embrace dried hemp, native houseplants, and natural macrame wall hangers to keep the environment clean!

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