Why built-in microwaves are attractive: 5 benefits

A microwave makes life a lot easier. It helps out when you need to quickly prepare a simple breakfast, warm something up, defrost goods from the freezer. Although a free-standing microwave oven does not take up much space, the front area becomes non-functional due to the door.

You can not place a stand with cutlery or jars of spices in front of the microwave. It is also not recommended to put weighty objects on top of the case, they can interfere with ventilation. Built-in microwaves are more practical in this regard. They are “introduced” into the kitchen set and do not overload the interior.

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Such models look attractive since their front panel is decorative. Its color and style can be matched to the design of the kitchen. Devices in a modern style are usually black, silver, gray. Retro models come in beige, white and brown.

In addition to attractive design and high ergonomics, built-in microwave ovens have many other advantages.

Easy Care

Caring for a built-in microwave oven is very simple. It is enough to clean the front of the case from time to time and keep the inside of the chamber clean. It is not necessary to wash the side walls, they are not visible, and they almost do not get dirty. Dust and dirt do not get on spare parts due to the absence of gaps and cracks.

Wide installation options

The stove can be placed in the kitchen in many ways. It is suitable for installation:

  • in the lower cabinets of the kitchen – above the floor under the countertop. Ovens are usually located at this height, so a microwave would be appropriate.
  • at eye level – in a kitchen cabinet without a ‘back’. This installation method is relevant if the microwave oven is used infrequently.
  • on the level of the countertop. The most convenient option, as you don’t have to bend down or stand on tiptoe to reach the control panel.

Possibility to choose useful volume

Depending on the volume, three types of stoves are distinguished:

  1. Compact. The volume of such models does not exceed 20 liters.
  2. Medium. Varies from 20 to 25 liters.
  3. Large. Holds more than 25 liters, compatible with large dishes.

There are also household microwaves with a capacity of 32 liters or more, but this category is small. The most popular are medium models. They are suitable for individual and family use.

Additional functions

Built-in microwave ovens are much closer in functionality to ovens than solo devices. The similarity with ovens is due to factors such as:

  • the presence of auto modes,
  • change in working power,
  • additional Grill and Convection options,
  • child lock.

One of the few disadvantages is the need for dismantling in the event of a breakdown. If it is enough to disconnect a conventional microwave from the mains in order to transfer it to the master, the built-in one must first be removed from the niche or cabinet.

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