Here’s all you need to know to get your yard ready for summer gatherings

Everyone knows that when those first blooms start appearing in spring, it’s only a matter of time before the cool weather becomes minimal and the heat of summer sets in. But when summer finally arrives, it’s also the perfect time for outdoor gatherings and celebrations. And if you want to entertain guests this summer, you need to get your yard in shape.

A lot goes into getting your yard ready for summer. And believe it or not, many homeowners skip a few vital steps when prepping their yards for summer.

For example, you may have many outdoor projects or ideas for useful things to add to your yard. But if you really want to get your yard summertime ready, this is actually a process that begins in early spring.

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Thankfully, you can always do a bit of work and get your yard ready for outdoor fun and gatherings even near the end of spring. And the following will illustrate a few ideas for you to consider.

Seed and Fertilize

One thing that makes an outdoor celebration pleasant is a freshly manicured lawn. But if you have dead patches or spots where the grass isn’t growing, you’ll need to remedy these in order to have that lush, green lawn that everyone loves.

Here are a few things you’ll need to get your grass seeded and growing properly:

  • Grass seed (choose the best for your local climate)
  • Nutrient-rich soil (for areas with little to no growth)
  • Fertilizer
  • Soil Tiller
  • Seed Spreader
  • Water

When you begin, start with the patches of ground where there is little to no grass growth. Once you’ve tilled up the soil, add nutrient-rich soil. This will create a base layer for your grass seed to take root.

After you’ve done the hard work, it’s time to evenly spread your grass seed over your lawn. And pay close attention to the bare spots. Once this is complete you should water your lawn and wait for seeds to sprout, then wait a few days or so before adding fertilizer.

Ridding Your Lawn of Pests

One thing that can seriously drive you (and your guests) mad is an infestation of pests in your yard. And depending on where you live, you may have a variety of pests to deal with at any point throughout the year.

For example, pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas can not only be a pesky annoyance, they can also spread diseases such as Zika or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. So it’s best to have a professional come out to rid you of these nuisances.

Additionally, you’ll also want to pay specific attention to mosquito breeding grounds such as areas of standing water, or flower beds where bark or pine straw has accumulated. Because it’s within these areas where ticks and fleas tend to hang out, just waiting for you or any warm-blooded creature to come around.

Once you’ve handled your pest problem, you’ll be ready to invite over your guests for an epic summertime gathering.

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Be on the Lookout for Potential Hazards

There’s nothing worse than inviting over a group of close friends or family for a pleasant gathering only to have a member of your party end up injured on your property. This will not only cut the party short, but you could also find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

For example, unfinished areas near thresholds or loose deck boards can pose a threat to the safety of anyone on your property. Along the same line, low-hanging or dead tree branches can also pose a threat if they should snap and fall.

Before any gathering, it’s a good practice to inspect your yard and look for anything troubling or suspect that could potentially pose a danger to you or anyone who may come join your gathering.

In addition, wiring, planters, pavers, loose rocks, gravel, bricks, and other landscaping elements may also pose a danger. So it’s best to remove or fix anything that could present a hazard to anyone who may come visit.

Once you’ve removed or repaired any hazards that you can see, then you can be confident that you’ve provided a safe environment for your friends and family when they come to celebrate.

Summertime is meant for fun, vacations, and relaxing events with close friends and family. So if you want to enjoy the company of your favorite people on your own property, make sure you get your yard summer ready before sending out any invites.

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