Ideas and tricks for small flats

A small house is not synonymous with little space, you just have to know how to make the most of every meter of your small apartment. Take note of these simple tricks!

A small house can seem bigger if you know how to take advantage of all the space and all the corners of the house. Having a small apartment does not mean that you cannot have many things, the only thing is that you should know all the decorative and storage solutions so that everything fits and so that it seems much larger than the real.

We leave you some simple ideas that you can follow to make your small house seem much bigger and always tidy. With a few storage tricks, the right furniture, and good lighting, even the smallest apartment can be Instagram-worthy.

park & oak

A house is measured in m2, but that does not prevent you from using the meters vertically and taking advantage of all the space from floor to ceiling. Therefore, you must learn to use the height of the ceilings in your favor in the smallest rooms. Use the vertical walls to store anything using shelves, you can even put them on the door. Another easy and very common solution is to add an extra bed to the bedrooms (they are usually in children’s bedrooms), either for siblings or for a guest who may come; a bed that hides and is removed only when you need it. You can also opt for a bunk bed that allows you to take advantage of the space at the top. As to the cabinets, we know very well that they are among the largest pieces of furniture and that they occupy the most space in a house, therefore, the ideal in small houses is to use custom tall cabinets that can be installed around the headboard of the bed, or some other piece of furniture such as the sofa or a desk. Lastly, it is very important that the spaces of your small apartment are not too overloaded and that there is a sensation of visual lightness. To achieve this, you can combine open modules with other closed ones and always in neutral tones, you will already add a touch of color with the textile elements and decorative points.

We leave you 16  more decoration ideas so that your small house seems much larger and you can scratch real or visual meters to your floor.

Distance between Objects:

Separating the furniture from each other allows you to gain visual space, in the same way as leaving a minimum of 80 cm between the different environments (living room, dining room). It is also important that natural light travels throughout the house, so we recommend that you stick tall and larger furniture to the wall so that the light can enter. You also have to adapt the furniture to the space you have, that is, make it to measure or adapt it to the columns and original shapes of your house.

milk & confetti

Close the Terrace:

A good solution to gain meters is to close the terrace to add space to the living room. Ideally, you use white or light-colored enclosures to give a sense of depth and therefore also of spaciousness.

The Power of Neutrals:

The white color makes the rooms seem much larger than they are since it adds depth and distances the walls. We recommend combining this color with other light tones and some other details of intense colors. If you want to experience how colors effect in the visuals, you may experience the houses that are built in New Metro City .


The Couch:

The sofa is one of the pieces of furniture that occupies the most space in a house, therefore it is very important to know how to place it and to get it right. If your dream is to have two sofas, we recommend that, if the living room is square, you choose to place them in an “L” shape, while if it is elongated, you have them parallel. Even so, given the lack of meters at home, a single sofa is the best solution, which you can complement with an armchair.

Furniture with Different Uses:

Turn to dual-use and modular furniture. A bed that serves as storage, to store clothes is the perfect solution to monetize and take advantage of the little space in your bedroom. Other ideas are folding chairs or tables with wings or extensions. This type of furniture allows you to assemble and disassemble spaces at specific times.

The Wall is a Blank Canvas:

Paint the walls white to gain breadth and visual space. In addition, this color captures the light and reflects it, multiplying the space. As for the decoration of a blank wall, we recommend an element with a touch of bright colors or plants and flowers that bring vitality to a room. For more ideas you may have a look on the walls designed by the developers of Nova City .

the lily pad cottage

Light Floors: Clarity to Power:

A smooth, light-colored floor makes the space feel much larger. In the same way, if you want to have a park, what is recommended is one with long (and clear) slats that generate a feeling of comfort and visually make your house more spacious.

Replace the Nightstand:

One important thing if you want to take advantage of the space in your bedroom is to use furniture that does double duty. That is why we recommend that you replace your bedside table with a chest of drawers, for example. It occupies the same space but offers you more storage capacity.

Light Parts:

The best option to decorate small spaces is with light furniture, not very bulky or overwhelming. The stylized, fine, and mobile pieces are the ideal alternative for living rooms, dining rooms, and even small bathrooms.

Fooling your eyes is the best trick to make your house look bigger than it really is. A clear example of this is placing a painting on the sofa to achieve visual depth in the living room because it attracts attention.

Under the Stairs:

Do not waste any space, much less under the stairs of your house. If it has enough height and is open to the living room, you can create a study or relaxation area but if the space is smaller, it can be an ideal place to place a bookcase or a closet, or a shoe rack.

Take Advantage of the Corners:

Do not give space for loss. Remember that your house has a few meters and each one of them is very valuable. A clear example is installing the desk or study area under a loft bed. If you do it to measure you will maximize the space.

Study Zone:

In a children’s bedroom (or not) you can create an ideal study corner that allows you to take advantage of all the space. Use a flown table to which you can add shelves above and furniture on wheels to store things below. With this idea, you will save a lot of space and visually it will be much more spacious if you use light-colored furniture.

Fabrics Help us:

Minimalism is a great ally to achieving visual amplitude, so we recommend that you use plain fabrics and light colors that enhance that feeling. Opt for the freshest fabrics and avoid large prints.

Solutions for Bookstores:

If your passion is books and you lack space, we recommend that you choose a bookcase made to measure for your living room and paint it the same color as the wall. Close the lower part with small doors that allow you to store other objects that you do not want to be visible and thus it seems that everything is more organized.


Take Advantage of the Window:

Each corner counts on a small floor, even the one below the windows. You can take advantage of that space to place a bench with cushions and make it a perfect relaxation or reading area. You can also put your study area with a desk or some nice piece of furniture that you want to take center stage.

Small Sink:

Small flats are also characterized by small bathrooms. To make the space of your sink profitable, we recommend using flown and multipurpose furniture to gain meters. Replace the bathtub with a shower with a transparent screen that will give you a feeling of spaciousness. Do not forget to illuminate this room correctly, since this will be essential for it to appear much larger than actual. You can opt for a mirror with built-in lights that will give you clarity and ceiling lights that will not take up space and keep the bathroom well-lit.

Electronic devices (in the living room or kitchen) take up a lot of visual space. For this reason, hide the appliances. A piece of furniture with doors that hides them is the perfect solution to obtain a clear, diaphanous, and minimalist area.

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