How to choose high-quality electrical accessories

Sockets, plugs, switches are all part of the power grid. The quality of the fittings will determine how convenient it is to use the entire line as a whole. In addition, these details are always in sight, so products should complement the interior.

Basic criteria for choosing electrical accessories

How do we choose the right outlet or switch? What should we pay attention to? First, the fittings must be of high quality. If in a store, a new plug in already smells of burning, it is made of low-quality polymer. It is better not to use such a product for home – when heated, most likely, toxic fumes will be released into the air.

What other criteria are important when choosing electrical accessories:

– Use. There are power plugs, sockets, and there are household ones. They can differ both in materials of manufacture and in the number of contacts. Therefore, be sure to consider where the fixture will be used.
–  Technical specifications. Each model is designed for a specific current and voltage. Choose exactly the product that suits your needs. Never buy a product if this information is not listed on it.
–  Manufacturer. Order goods from well-known brands that monitor the quality of assembly. If it turns out that the product is defective, it can always be replaced.

Also look out for extra amenities. For example, there are sockets with a timer that will turn off the device after a specified time. There are models that can be built into furniture. If there are small children in the house, it is worth buying special devices with protective curtains, covers.

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When choosing accessories, it is worth considering exactly where it will be used: inside a heated or unheated room, on the street, in production, etc. For different conditions, electrical accessories are produced with different degrees of protection.

The body is marked with IP (Ingress Potection). The first number indicates protection against the ingress of dust and other foreign objects, including fingers, tools, wires. The maximum value is 6.

The second number is the degree of protection against water. Some devices are only able to withstand small splashes, while others are not afraid of high pressure washing.

Where to buy high-quality electrical accessories

It is best to buy accessories in stores selling products of well-known companies. In this case, each product is subject to a manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, you can return or exchange an item if it did not suit you for some reason.

The best option is official dealers. Such companies monitor their reputation, therefore they control the quality of products. In addition, due to direct cooperation with the manufacturer, they offer reasonable prices.

You can understand that this is a product of a reliable brand, and not a fake, by several signs:

– two-layer frame of the socket, switch;
– latches that secure the front panel of the socket;
– additional polycarbonate poanel on the inside of the mechanism;
– fastening hooks of the ‘double tooth’ type instead of springy legs.

In addition, the store must provide certificates of conformity for its products.

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