Moving To Another Home? 4 Ways You Can Dispose Of Old And Unwanted Items

Although bittersweet, there comes a time wherein you need to move into a better home or a better neighborhood. Be that as it may, the first time you move out is always the most hectic one, considering you don’t have any idea where to begin. Not only are you supposed to take care of packing, but cleaning up after yourself should be high on your list as well.

Since it’ll reflect badly on yourself, deep cleaning the house right before you leave is one way to give the place a ‘heavenly shine’ for future tenants. So, cleaning up the place should be a great send-off despite how much of a hassle it is. However, there’s no surprise if you’ve noticed just how much trash you’ve accumulated over time while cleaning, even unwanted stuff.

Considering you’re about to move out, having that many things would be challenging to pack up. So, it’s best to get rid of them, as much as it probably pains you to do it. Fortunately, if you’re the sentimental type, there are many ways to do just that without your stuff ending up in the dump.

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  1. Give Them Away

Letting go of something that used to be extremely precious to you can be extremely difficult but necessary. Otherwise, you’re left clinging to it even though all it does at home is to collect dust and take up space. So, instead of leaving them in a corner, giving them away would be wise (not to mention mature).

Charity organizations always welcome ‘new’ stuff, especially if it can still be used despite being worn out. Things like old clothes, furniture, or toys can be used by those who need them most. Since there’s a third party involved, you can choose to search for delivery services like Cypress free donation pickup that can hand your stuff to the organization, especially if you’re still preoccupied with moving.

But if you know people who would want your old stuff, why not give it to them instead? Since you know them more than anyone, you can tell whether or not they’ll value and take care of your stuff the same way you did—maybe even more.

  1. Sort Them Out

You need to have excellent organizational skills if you want to pack up as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Otherwise, you’re bound to go around in circles. If it’s not an important possession going missing after stashing it somewhere, losing your day-to-day essentials—like a few articles of clothes—without knowing where they went could drive anyone crazy.

Therefore, instead of packing up everything you see in a single box, divide your stuff into categories, such as clothes, books, household items, etc. This way, you can easily navigate through the various boxes if you’re looking for something. Furthermore, identifying which things go where can help shed light on your unwanted stuff. By clearing out the rest of your things, you can now focus on disposing of your old stuff without breaking a sweat for moving day.

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  1. Put A Price Tag On Them

Although unwanted, you’re probably aware that selling something valuable could earn you some money. Old heirlooms or antique objects are the best examples of this. So, if you still have time, organizing a moving sale is highly recommended.

However, unlike simply giving your stuff away or donating it, holding a moving sale would require more time and effort from you. Because not only are you supposed to stress over scheduling the perfect day for a sale, but there’s also the venue you have to worry about. So, you should have a spacious yard, especially if you have a lot of unwanted stuff. Furthermore, calculating a fair price for every single one of your things might be a hassle.

The same is true if you decide to sell them online. Although it’s far more convenient than a moving sale, going online could also be a hassle for those who aren’t proficient with technology. Therefore, if you’re determined to sell your stuff, it’s best if you take up photography to get the best angles on your things and even learn how to estimate decent prices for everything.

  1. Grant New Purpose

Since they’re way past their use, why not repurpose your old stuff for something new? For example, if you still own clothes you’ve grown out of, cutting them up would turn them into decent cleaning rags. By giving your old stuff another purpose, it won’t be as wasteful as throwing it out.


Moving out of one’s property can be troublesome, especially if it’s your first time doing it. And packing up your possessions plays a huge part in making things much more difficult. However, a good portion of those things may have been unused for a long time. Therefore, thinking of ways to dispose of them is highly recommended before you move to a new residence.


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