Small living room ideas to make the most of your space

Are you looking for ways to make your living room look spacious? How can you maximize your living space? Keep reading below and learn tips about how to optimize your available space without sacrificing your comfort and style.

Here’s a great tip: Before everything else, you’ll want to see what your layout will look like before going forward with the expenses.


Fortunately, knowing the result of your planning and designing is now easier with tools like These applications can show you the expected outcome through virtual reconstructions so you can adjust what you need to.

Now, let’s discuss some clever tips you can incorporate into your living room!

1.  Demolish a Wall

Walls eat up a lot of space in your floorplan, especially thick ones. If you have walls that only serve as dividers between rooms, consider removing them altogether and instead opt for alternatives like a foldable wall divider.

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You can even use a shoji screen that serves the same purpose but are more efficient and saves space. Not to mention, the material it has will let in the light, unlike solid walls that usually block off any lighting.

2.  Use Mirrors

Create an illusion of more space by simply adding mirrors in the room. It’s best if you can find an oversized mirror that takes up most of your wall to make the space appear broader. You’ll also need to think about what the mirror will reflect.

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For example, if you place it in front of a window, you’ll be able to double the natural light and make the space feel bigger as it brightens the room. It doesn’t matter even if the weather is gloomy or if the skies are dark; the mirrors will still reflect what available daylight there is possible.

3.  Connect the Indoors and Outdoors

If your living room has an adjacent space outside, take advantage of it and install doors that open up all the way. This seamless transition from the inside to the outside will create a sense of extensive scope as the outdoor showcases the exterior views that can still be seen in the living room.


Aside from doors that open up fully, you should also make sure that you choose coordinated furniture for the living room and the outside space. This harmonious arrangement will trick your brain into thinking that the inside and outside are one continuous area.

4.  Opt for Light Wall Colors

It is common knowledge that lighter color paints make a room appear more open. It gives the illusion of having more space, so you don’t feel cramped in your living area.

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If you’re not a fan of white or beige, you can go with other softer tones. Excellent examples are muted shades of greens and blues. You can also try lavender, baby pink, or a lighter version of grays.

5.  Bask In Much Natural Light

Take in as much natural light as you can and forego the heavy curtains. Instead, you can choose flowy, sheer curtains, blinds, or shutters that don’t take up much space.

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Additionally, there are many benefits to your health when you get natural light. This includes:

  • Having better sleep
  • Fending off seasonal depression
  • Boosting your Vitamin D intake

6.  Get a Customized Sofa

You’re lucky if you can find the perfect ready-made sofa that’ll fit in your space. But if you can’t find “the one,” you can always get a customized sofa that will not only complete your living room aesthetics but can also serve other purposes.


Sofas are generally the highlight of a living room, so you need to make sure that what you pick for your place is comfortable and suits the vibe of the whole place. When you get a customized sofa, you can:

  • Get multi-functional furniture such as a sofa and bed in one.
  • Have more storage space.
  • Choose your cushions.

7. Take Note of the Floorspace

One trick to make the dimensions feel wider is to display your floorspace. Carpets are attractive decors, but they don’t often match well with a compact area.

Moreover, living rooms usually carry the most storage in the house. It’s also the place where you can present everything you want visitors to see. But you need to be smart about how you exhibit your trinkets if you don’t want them to look like clutter. To solve this problem, you can use ladder shelves, floating storage, and wall shelvings.

8. Remove the Clutter

When you own a small space, an important rule is always to keep the available area organized and tidy. You can’t afford to leave random stuff lying around because it will make the room feel more cramped than it actually is.

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Only keep out those you absolutely need daily while stowing away those that you only use occasionally in storage areas out of sight. Practice minimalism and keep the floor as clear as possible.

Broaden Your Living Space!

There are many more ways you can make your small living room feel bigger. You only need to find the right furniture that matches your aesthetic and be on top of your organizational skills.

There’s always a solution to every problem you might encounter in your living room, such as awkward angles and dark areas. You can use the tricks discussed above and pair them with other tips to reach your room objectives.

Design and keep your living room comfortable for you, your friends, and your family!

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