Storing Items Safely: A Comprehensive How-to Guide

You cannot store your stuff just any way, there are many things that you need to keep in mind if you want to get your things stored safely. Also, not all things can be stored in the same type of storage so you need to make sure that you know what type of storage you need for every item individually and then separate them. Here, we will give you a guide on what you can and should do so that you have it at least a bit easier.


Find the right storage

Carefully choose the right type of storage if you want your items to be safe. For example, for things like electronics and artwork, you’ll need climate-controlled storage because the right temperature will prevent these items from deteriorating. On the other hand, books, textiles, and papers will need some dry conditions as they don’t need temperature control. So, you can use quality art paper storage, like tray units, which are perfect for classrooms, offices, and commercial settings. Lockers are important secure storage alternatives that provide you peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and no one can easily get them. Think about the items you need to store somewhere, and then check out various storage solutions to find the perfect place that will keep them in good shape and make them last longer.

Clean and dry

It is crucial that before you put your items in any type of storage space, you properly clean and dry them. You may ask why is that so important, nobody is going to use the room, and all the items are neatly packaged. That may be true but you need to realize that you are not cleaning so that it is just clean but so that you can remove anything that can harm your items. We all know how pests and rodents love to be in filth and now that they have some place to sleep, like your furniture, they will love it even more. When it comes to drying it, this is necessary because you do not want mold to form in the storage. It would ruin every item you have in there, and once in a blue moon, when you have decided to check up on your belongings, you will see that various organisms have formed on them, and that is not a lovely sight to behold nor to smell.


What to do with clothing?

When it comes to clothing, you want to make sure that it is clean when you store it. You should give it a wash and then you should make sure that it is dry. If they are not properly dry, mold can form and it can ruin every type of clothing that you own. For items that are too delicate to be put in a box, you should put on a hanger and let them hang in storage. It would be great if you add small silica gel packets in every box where your clothes are; they are great at collecting all the moisture that may build up. That is why, when you buy a pair of shoes, they usually have these packets inside.


For jewelry pieces, you will need an organized, clean, and damage-proof storage solution. For example, jewelry boxes are perfect for keeping it in good shape, especially the ones with separate sections or bags. Also, as jewelry is usually quite valuable, you’ll need a lockable safe. You should look for storage space with cool and dry conditions to keep your jewelry pieces in excellent condition, and you can also use anti-tarnish towels and strips. If you have some fragile items, cover them with gentle fabric or put them in an airtight bag to make sure it is safe and will not get damaged.

Furniture and electronics

When it comes to large furniture and electronic pieces that you need to store, it would be great if you could disassemble them as much as you can so that you can fit more things in your storage. When it comes to your furniture, it should be properly covered so that dust cannot fall on it. Also, you should keep it elevated in case there is water on the ground, and so that it does not get too dirty. With your electronics, we would advise you that you store them with some protection so that they do not get damaged while you are handling them. Remove things that could damage them over time, like batteries. It would be great if you could get all the memory cards out of the items so that, in case something happens to the equipment, you can still restore all the things that you had on them.



Food is definitely an item that you must carefully think about when finding the proper storage. It must be kept in the best possible way, but first organize your fridge, pantry, or freezer to make room for everything. You probably understand that food is a perishable item, and storing it properly will not only be good for organization and cleanliness but also for your and your family’s health, so don’t risk this one. Store dry items like pasta and rice in a dark and cool spot to keep any bugs away. Perishable items, like meat and dairy products, should be placed on the lower shelf of your fridge, to keep it as cool as possible. For the products that go into the freezer, you should put them in freezer bags and write dates on them, so that you know whether you can use that food or not.

You must know how to properly and securely store various items, as this is a safety and health concern, not just a thing of organization and cleanliness. Follow the steps we have given here to make sure everything remains undamaged and safe to use for a long time, no matter if you’re storing them for the season, are moving to a new home, or just don’t need them at the moment.

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