Modern bedroom interior design in 2019: ideas, tips, photos

Fashion is a capricious lady. Every year it changes its direction, acquires new modern trends, strives never to repeat itself, but often remembers the past. And today we will not talk about clothes and accessories. This post is about trendy modern bedroom interiors in 2019.

What style to choose? What color to combine? What accessories to add? And how to do all this easily, simply and with pleasure? Read the anwer to these and many other important questios in the article below.


  1. Style
  2. Color Scheme
  3. Furnishing
  4. Details and accessories

Choose the style

The simplest thing would be to say: “Give me a modern design on a silver platter!” And at once your dream bedroom would appear to your eyes. But unfortunately it does not work like that. Ideas for a modern bedroom lie in the following stylistic directions:

  1. Eternal classics. On the proscenium, time-tested luxury is concisely announcing itself. Medieval baroque, romantic renaissance, gentle Provence, ubiquitous modern and deliberate Greek style – these are the basic sketches in the classic interior of modern bedrooms.

They are manifested, first of all, by graceful lines in decorative elements, by using natural materials, woodcarving, heavy draped curtains, neat and unobtrusive ruches, velvet, gold, crystal and silk.

It is suitable mostly for calm, poised, and wealthy people. For those who think that stability is a synonimous of life, and aesthetics is its philosophy and necessity.

  1. Comfortable modernity. According to the latest info, designers are increasingly tending to the hotel concept”everything is at hand.” Modern bedroom interiors, where the main criteria are: moderate luxury, functional comfort and convenience.

Functional bedroom design for those who value time, comfort and benefit from every detail.

  1. Eco-friendly naturalism. The trend to everything natural works today not only in relation to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Modern inhabitants of the planet Earth choose a laconic, but nature-rich eco-style, austere, open, spatial loft in bedroom interior design.

Both directions are passionately drawn to naturalness: wood, stone, bamboo, vegetation, cotton, flax, etc. And, of course, the truism of modern life: comfort and functionality. Recently, an unusual, but a very interesting interpretation of the crossing of these two styles, called the eco style, appears.

Bedroom design in such style is chosen by individuals with a pragmatic mindset, focusing on a distant and not very future, preferring only the natural filling of space, ready to make an impressive material contribution to their surroundings.

  1. Eclectic. This style contains elements of various styles: ethnics, eco, loft, minimalism, classics, modern, and more. The most common variations of bedroom interior today are: art deco and kitsch. Full freedom of action, unlimited creativity, no boundaries. But be careful, because the line between eclecticism and bad taste is very thin.

Art Deco and kitsch differ in mood, pace and color. The first is committed to the classical equations with one known and several unknown half hints: glamor, luxury, chic, bold combinations of colors, shapes and eras. The second, by contrast, is more rebellious. Complete denial of the classics and any of its manifestations. Incompatible color schemes, accessories and element of different styles, eras and cultures. Uncomplicated chic and light extravagance.

Eclectic style is chosen by real adventurers, freedom-loving creative personalities. If your bedroom for you is a blank canvas on which you want to display your own individuality, feel free to resort to the collective image of your room.

Determining the color for the bedroom

If last year’s trends inexorably sought to a snow-white, clean, virgin interior, the trends in 2019 are stepping away from the blinding whiteness. The milky-beige finish of the bedroom creates an aura of comfort, tranquility and balance. The tenderness of this shade adjusts to rest and relaxation.

If you are a fan of yellow and everything connected with it, welcome to the club of its shades: mustard and lemon are the main companions of the modern bedroom.

Forest greens, deep emerald green and gray-green earthy palette – the eternal companions of the English style and calm classical directions.

2019 can be called the year of environmental friendliness in the field of interior design. And in a bedroom, the eco-style is gaining its momentum. Therefore, of the brown shades today it’s better to choose a dark wood.

Fill the bedroom with appropriate details

What items we most often choose for bedroom interior? Of course, first of all, the furniture, in particular a bed is the heart of the home. Not a single room, not even the smallest room designed for night rest, can do without it:

  • Canopy. Since the classic and romanticism fit harmoniously into the interior of a modern bedroom, it is very necessary to have such a delicate detail. Surprisingly, today’s canopy over the bed has received a kind of transformation: from weightless tulle made of organza and silk, to loft garlands and lanterns overhead instead of cloth.
  • Drawers. Functionality is the second name of a modern interior. And in bedrooms, this statement is even more so. To order and unfolding everything on the shelves and drawers, then choose the bed or with containers, or with a niche for bed linen.
  • Transforming beds, given their maximum functionality, are now popular among many families. A modern bedroom can combine several areas at the same time: a sleeping area and a study; leisure and friendly or family gatherings, etc. Therefore, it is very important that the bed does not catch the eye, or simply by its presence means that this particular area is only for a night rest.
  • Headboard. A simple plank or board is no longer enough. Modern bedrooms can hardly do without the original headboard. And it touched absolutely every style of interior. Forged ornate drawings, wood carving, headboards, shelves, etc. Find or invent your own.

Adding accessories

Detailing and accents in a modern bedroom interior add beauty, taste and even grace to the room itself.

One of the most popular trends in 2019 is the presence of real fur mats in the bedside area. Since tactile sensations today are considered the peak of excellence and comfort, then stand barefoot on the fur litter immediately after awakening is equal to morning meditation.

In second place in terms of popularity are natural curtains to the floor. A visual increase in the room space and a certain festive decoration for every day are the main accents of this chic accessory.

Vintage furniture, elements of decor from flea markets, antique gizmos, dug up among the rubble in the country, in garages and grandmother’s village houses. This all becomes relevant in the bedrooms of 2019: from chests and armchairs to gorgeous lamps and paintings. Brass and gilding in the decor – in the fourth place of honor.

Add to your measured and quiet bedroom space a bit of mischief and play. Create a corner where, before you sleep, your head will rest with your brains. Bright accessories are suitable for this: paintings, light bulbs, artificial or living flowers, candles, etc. They are all good because you can easily get rid of them at any time: when the mood changes, the weather or fashion.

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Anna Pufik is the founder and creative mind at blog. Anna specializes in interior design, together with her husband Sergiy they head the PH Studio design firm. She loves Scandinavian style and sophisticated timeless interiors. Follow Anna on Instagram.
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