Apartment for a girl: pastels, flowers and lovely details

The owner of this Boston condo works intensively during weekdays, so she just needed a home with easy and soft interiors where she can relax and dream. Pastel colors and lots of natural light helped to create such an atmosphere in her apartment. The interiors are decorated with floral wallpaper and pastel gray paint, furniture of light tones, and contrasting accessories of cute mint and pink, and a flashy black and gold colors. What a great feminine home!

Such cute and airy interiors will be especially appreciated by the girls who have little princess felling inside or who love everything tender and light.

The first thing that attracts our attention in the living room is the picture on the wall. You would probably agree that it reminds us the scene from famous Narnia movie. The armchair near the window with the cool lamp in the form of a light bulb seems to be the most convenient and ideal place for reading favorite romantic books. The living room stuns with its appearance. Even if we don’t see the owner on the photographs, her presence is felt in every detail.

The dining place is so beautiful and charming, just picture perfect. By the way, pay attention to the chandelier above the table. It became a highlight of this corner, due to its unusual and original shape.

Next to the dining room there is a bright kitchen. Even if the owner is tired after the hard working day, she definitely rests while cooking, as the kitchen is designed to give maximum pleasure during the favorite process.

The airy and lovely bedroom continues the show. The wallpaper on one of the walls is a vivid example of how a room can look unusual and unconventional. We have written about it before. The wallpaper is very accurately matched to the style of the entire home, containing a black and gold tones, which we meet in detail throughout the apartment.

And this room with gentle-peach color, apparently, is a guest room. And we do not mind of being guests in such a wonderful room. Especially because of the place by the window where you can read, dream, drink a delicious coffee, or just relax and briefly forget about all the fuss. Probably, the ownerlady also loves this place very much.

About Author:
Maria is the lead author at pufikhomes.com. She finished faculty of journalism and art school, works in the field of PR and has a special passion for cozy interiors. Warm and soulful interiors where the life is felt are really close to her.
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Comments: 4
  1. Светлана

    Все так карамельно, что сил брать будет неоткуда.. . Жаль девушку…

  2. Яна

    Интересный интерьер! Выразительный, атмосферный, нежный и очень женственный.

  3. LarisaVasenina

    Мне понравилась квартира. Какая-то свежая.

  4. She

    Очень нежные тона. Свежесть и нежность. Но сюжет картины в гостиной … Иллюстрация к детективном роману ( мягко выражаясь)

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