Stylish loft with attic in Barcelona

This loft in Barcelona has not the largest total area, but it has a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and even a mini-office. The lower floor is decorated with huge industrial window which is the main highlight of the home. The bathroom and kitchen are hidden in a niche, above them there is a bedroom and a closet, and the small office was placed in the balcony – how cool is it to work in this setting. The color scheme here is a combination of warm orange, yellow, brown with cold blue and gray, which all together create a cozy romantic atmosphere. This home is ideal for parties, but also for the quiet life of a young family. Very interesting and fresh!

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Очень симпатичный и уютный лофт, но лестница какая-то хлипкая, скользкая и без ограждений – не для слабонервных! По ней опасно подниматься, а спускаться вообще страшно.

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