Terrace overlooking Eiffel Tower: dream apartment in Paris

Anyone who comes to Paris for the first time dreams to live with a view of the Eiffel Tower, and the owners of this apartment are more than lucky people. Their apartment is an elegant French style home with a modern touch. In terms of color, the interiors resembles meringue or delicate peonies, which decorate the house. And the main place of attraction in the house is a small, but incredibly picturesque terrace. Starting here with a cup of coffee in the morning is an indescribable pleasure!

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Maria is the lead author at pufikhomes.com. She finished faculty of journalism and art school, works in the field of PR and has a special passion for cozy interiors. Warm and soulful interiors where the life is felt are really close to her.
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Comments: 4
  1. Мимокрокодил

    Очень нежно :) А кухня не предусмотрена? Где же варить тот самый, утренний кофе?

    1. Anna Pufik

      Кухня есть, просто ее не показали..)

  2. Наталья

    ” Увидеть Париж с Эйфелевой башней и умереть”!

    1. Anna Pufik

      Тут скорее не умереть, а прекрасно себе жить с видом на башенку:)

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