Gorgeous holiday villa on Atlantic coast in Portugal

Architectural of LUV studio called one of its recent project Casa da Rocha (which means House on the Rock in Portuguese) for a reason – this magnificent modern villa with white facades located right on the rocky shore of the famous resort region of the Algarve in Portugal. The single-storey house of regular flat forms is fully open to the nature: sliding glass walls allow to have direct access to the pool from the living room and master bedroom, as well as enjoy the incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. The interiors of the villa are also decorated in light tones with the use of wood of a natural shade. Beautiful design in a wonderful place!

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  1. Choice Cleaning Company Clevedon

    I love the sloping ceiling and the beams. They may be modern, but the design really does work!

    1. Anna Pufik (автор)

      Totally agree with you, beams here are awesome and perfect fit for this design.)

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