Lovely cottage in Sweden inspired by fairy tale of Pippi Longstocking

Most of us should remember a funny tale from childhood Pippi Longstocking about a red-haired, freckled girl who constantly finds herself in strange situations. So, in Sweden there is even a real Villa Villekulla, in which, according to the story, Peppi lived – it was built specifically for the Swedish series, which aired at the end of the 60s. This house still exists and is a popular tourist destination. Our today’s cottage is also located in Sweden, and its owners love this fairy tale so much that they decided to design their home in the same style as the house of their beloved heroine – the exterior color scheme is exactly the same. From the outside, it looks really fabulous, and inside it is a cozy Scandinavian nest. Enjoy!

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Anna Pufik is the founder and creative mind at blog. Anna specializes in interior design, together with her husband Sergiy they head the PH Studio design firm. She loves Scandinavian style and sophisticated timeless interiors. Follow Anna on Instagram.
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