Art Deco style in interior design: luxury with exotic motifs

Art Deco is an elegant and eclectic slyte in interior design, that successfully combines the imprints of various cultures: African exotic, Indian motifs, Egyptian art and Empire. This exotic mix is designed to surprise and delight both the owners and guests.

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  1. Distinctive feature of Art Decor style
  2. Details
  3. Art Deco furniture
  4. How to decorate Art Deco kitchen
  5. Bedroom in Art Deco style
  6. Art Deco living room
  7. Bathroom
  8. Art Deco in private house design

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Literally, Art Deco means “decorative art”. This direction appeared in the 1930s in the countries of America and Western Europe as a result of the synthesis of several styles, successfully replacing Modernism. The interior design in this style is most often chosen by wealthy people and noble families, who have a refined, exquisite taste and cannot imagine their life without luxury. They are not afraid of bold and sophisticated forms, they know how to appreciate and surprise others with exclusive items.

Distinctive features of Art Deco style in interior design

One of the main features of Art Deco interiors are strict geometric shapes. Other characteristics are:

  • clean lines;
  • step shapes;
  • bends and zigzags in decor;
  • contrasts and bright contours;
  • large mirrors.

Expensive and rare natural materials are required to use when designing a space in this style. Glass, wood, natural leather, varnished surfaces, ivory, aluminum, stainless steel, glossy ceramic or stone tiles are all an integral part of Art Deco.

Such interiors are decorated mostly in neutral colors: black, white, gray, silver, beige, brown. Sometimes there are shades of metal, as well as the addition of luxurious gold, green, blue, red or burgundy.

Interior details

One of the important details of Art Deco interiors is the color that emphasizes the status of the apartment. For example, a beige and golden scheme will suit a luxury bedroom interior, which should be emphasized with the brilliance of mirrors and crystal. For office area or study more darker shades will fit. Several expensive lamps, leather furniture with gold accents and wooden paneling of lacquered wood will give the room a complete look.

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Most often in of Art Deco style interiors the following prints are used:

  • thin or thick stripe;
  • repeating circles, rhombuses or squares;
  • botanical and exotic prints in textile;
  • animal prints.


Furniture in Art Deco style is chosen by the principle: if the walls are light, then the furniture should be dark and vice versa. To give the space integrity and a chic look, the combination of pieces of furniture should look whole and expensive. The legs and supports for tables and chairs are very often made in various unusual forms. For decoration of seating places use upholstery made of genuine leather.

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A striking feature of this style is the use of accessories with smooth silhouettes. Also, accessories are decorated with decorative glass inlays with an ornament. Because of this, strict interior details visually look harmonious and balanced. If you own some beautiful paintings in frames, it is desirable to use no more than two art works in an interior, in order not to saturate the room with small objects.

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Art Deco kitchen design

The Art Deco kitchen is special and unique in itself. It has a twist (a beautiful vase, candlesticks or an original bronze statuette), which attracts attention as soon as you enter this room. The design of the kitchen is created with the help of varnished and polished wood, as well as leather, glass, stainless steel.

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The colors are most commonly black and white, which can also be combined with other colors. For example, black will look good with a silver color, and white with a dark chocolate color. There should not be lots of furniture in the kitchen. Choose it in accordance with the latest trends in technology. The central place in the spacious kitchen belongs to the dining area. It’s better to place an island with a hob, sink and work area in the middle of the room.

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Art Deco Bedroom Interior

The bed in the Art Deco bedroom is the central object that attracts the most attention. It is best to equip it with chrome legs, high headboard, inlay and patina. The unusual shape of the pouf or dressing table is very characteristic, even mandatory in this style. Bedroom design is not complete without mirrors that make it bright and spacious. Therefore, large mirrors should be everywhere: on the closet door, in the bedside area and at the dressing table.

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The bedroom are usually decorated in calm colors: white and burgundy, gray and black, beige and chocolate. You can often see the use of three colors, one of which is an element of luxury, and the other two serve as a backdrop. The last and most important touch of the bedroom is a chandelier made of crystal or unusual glass.

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Art Deco living room

The design of the Art Deco living room must meet the basic criteria of the style. Here you can safely use beautiful furniture with stylish metal handles, mirror inserts and clear geometric shapes. The furniture should have a non-standard form, while being comfortable, practical and comfortable.

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Guest room is usually designed mostly in dark colors. Brightness and diversity are not allowed in the colors of this room. As a decor in the living room, you can use various products of leather, natural wood, ivory, bamboo and semiprecious stones. Using these materials, you can create an interesting decoration that will attract the attention of your guests.


The bathroom in Art Deco style should be spectacular and luxurious. This style allows you to apply unusual elements and solutions. For example, a shower in the shape of a deer or leopard head. It is best to use glass, stainless steel, ceramics and marble in the bathroom.

You can put a picture on the wall that will visually resemble the skin of a leopard. On the floor will look harmonious black and white tiles. The ceiling should not be finished in dark shades, as this can visually steal the spaciousness of the room. Bathroom furniture is selected according to the size of the room.

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Bathtub and sinks should have steel, cast iron and acrylic elements. Toilet bowl is of standard form. Mixers and other elements are better to choose from chrome or stainless steel. If space permits, an Art Deco style bathroom can be decorated with a wrought-iron fountain or a bronze statuette.

Art Deco interiors of a country house

Decorating your country house in Art Deco style is a good idea giving the spaciousness and large area of rooms. That’s why, when designing a house,  it’s possible to implement more of interesting solutions that this style implies. And even the typical Art Deco dark shades will not look gloomy due plenty of natural light. Art Deco design will create an atmosphere of luxury and wealth at home.

Let’s have a look at what the real-life Art Deco home looks like:

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