Mediterranean style in interior design: romance of the south coast in your home

The Mediterranean style in interior design is characterized by simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries: light and warm tones in color scheme, as well as the extensive use of natural materials such as ceramics, wood, wrought iron and cotton. Design combines boldness, simplicity and convenience. Therefore, it could be used in both house or apartment design. If you want to fill your dwelling with the sunny romance of Spain, the abundance of warm colors of Italy, the marine freshness of Greece and the spices of Morocco, the decoration in Mediterranean style will surely become the embodiment of all the above.

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The daily life on the south coast of Europe, that is full of relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, is reflected in the design of this style: from light outdoor furniture to wooden, forged and stone decor elements (originating in Italy). Each country in this region is has their own typical color palette, fabrics and textures in the design, but there are still much more common features. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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  1. Mediterranean style in apartment design: distinctive features
  2. Mediterranean-style kitchen: what to consider when creating
  3. Bedroom in Mediterranean style: basic elements
  4. Mediterranean style living room and its features
  5. Mediterranean bathroom: specifics of design
  6. Mediterranean country house


Mediterranean style in the design of the apartment: distinctive features

  • This design tends toward colors inspired by the sun. The key to recreating the atmosphere of this style is the correct selection of the color for walls, flooring, furniture and fabrics. Look for inspiration in the blue, turquoise, lavender shades of the sea, the lush flowering of plants, the warm sands of the coast, and the coolness of the cloudy sky. If you don’t like cool shades, give preference to terracotta, olive, red, pink and deep yellow “sunny” colors.
  • Finishing, furniture and accessories should be exclusively of natural and reliable materials: wood, wrought iron, glass, stone. Their natural, cold tones need to be diluted with bright textiles: cushions, rugs and bedding.
  • Interior design in the Mediterranean style allows for ceramic tiles floors that can be warmed with a soft mat. It is also possible to use laminate wood or rough bleached wooden planks.
  • Curtains of light, airy fabric will dilute the rudeness of natural furniture. A light simple pattern is also allowed. It is strictly impossible to use curtains with lambrequins, tassels and drapery. Forged cornice will be a good decoration.
  • Ceiling should be high. Its optimal color palette consists of a matte sand, beige, milky shade. Ideally, the ceilings are decorated with massive wooden beams.
  • Wall-paper and wall cladding are not typical for south coast houses. It is enough to plaster the walls and paint them in a light shade.
  • When choosing accessories, you should remember that they must be functional, otherwise you risk to overload the interior with unnecessary details. Apartment in Mediterranean style does not tolerate too much of things. This style is known for its unpretentious beauty, functionality and conciseness. Remember that pretentiousness and luxury are completely alien in it.
  • Creative approach to the design of a home can be expressed using a detailed wall texture and furniture upholstery.
  • Design of a Mediterranean-style apartment looks more complete if there are mosaic elements in it. To do this, you need small or chipped ceramic tiles or a set of mirrors. You can use the mosaic inside and outside the house, as well as in the kitchen, in the pool area and in the hallway. If you want to add a little playfulness to the room, then you can use it in any corner of the apartment or house. For example, when making an apron in the kitchen.

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Mediterranean-style kitchen: things to consider when designing

The kitchen or kitchen-living room of this style is a delicious cocktail from the cultural traditions of southern countries. Want to embody the idea of comfort, hospitality and convenience? Mediterranean-style kitchen is ideal for that. Design may include many elements. But this does not mean that the room should be over saturated with details. Choose any combination: from sun colors to muted sand shades. Everything is limited only by your imagination and budget.

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  1. Large dining table for 4-6 people for a comfortable meal.
  2. Choose natural wood cabinets with ceramic tiles on the wall, glass inserts and metal fittings.
  3. Chairs. You can choose a set of wooden chairs with wide backs or elegant metal frames and soft seats. The chairs upholstered with cotton or linen plaid fabric will look harmoniously.
  4. The interior of the Mediterranean-style kitchen allows for a wooden cupboard with open shelves filled with beautiful accessories (bright kitchen utensils or decorative plates).
  5. Tabletop. Choose countertops made of natural stone, ceramic tile, or a combination of these.
  6. Large #ceramic sink perfectly complements your kitchen interior.

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Wallpapers and panels in the kitchen in this design are rare. As a rule, the walls are tiled or finished with stone. Mediterranean-style tiles can be laid out in mosaic way. As for the choice of colors, the most common are rich shades of yellow, soft cream, sand, as well as a variety of inclusions of “sunny” tones. Kitchen can also be decorated using various warm colors, which makes it even more cozy during winter season.



As for the floor, it is often covered with ceramic tiles in a color scheme that is in harmony with the walls and ceiling. If the ceramic floor feels cold, put a soft mat.


A popular element of the ceiling decor are massive wooden beams of gray and dark brown. They are ideal for a spacious kitchen. In terms of the apartment is best to paint the ceiling matte paint beige.

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Mediterranean style kitchen usually has a large dining area. At the same time, the cooking zone and the dining zone can be separated by an additional work surface or a bar counter.


Mediterranean style bedroom: basic motifs

Starting to design a bedroom in the Mediterranean style? First, decide the motives of which country you want to follow. Colorful Spanish or white and blue greek? Or maybe a more restrained Italian? Here are some of the most popular options.

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Italian Mediterranean

This style is characterized by coarse village motifs. The charm of the old world is achieved through the dark floor, luxurious solid furniture and wooden ceiling beams. A bold combination of bright orange and red colors is often used when choosing bedding. Terrestrial and neutral colors can be a great background for the bright accessories. Mediterranean style in bedroom interior may also include the texture of Venetian plaster.

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Greek Mediterranean

The Greek spirit in interior of an apartment or a house can be easily distinguished by the deep blue and turquoise tones that convey the colors of the sea. This marine color palette is often combined with white plaster and whitewashed floors. White walls are favorably combined with authentic Greek patterns on the ceiling and bedding. This choice can be safely called both traditional and modern.

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Universal design

Mediterranean design is perfect for bedroom because of its warm and attractive decor, which combines classic, modern and unconventional options. So, the ornate bed with four turrets looks great in combination with modern table lamps, bedding and delicate window curtains.


Mediterranean style living room and its features


First of all, you should choose the right color scheme, but you need to decide which trend will be decisive. If you choose Italian, then give preference to shades of earth: from gray, sand to yellow and terracotta. In the case of the Greek direction, the ideal choice would be white, blue, olive and light terracotta.


Regardless of the country specific style of the living room, make a choice in favor of wooden pieces of furniture. To convey the richness of Italian aesthetics, purchase furniture with elegant wrought-iron elements. The interior of the living room usually includes a low sofa, a couple of chairs, a coffee table, a bookcase or a rack. In addition, you can put a chest of drawers. For decoration, place the lamps and high chairs.

Filling the living room with simple “rustic” wooden furniture is quite in the Greek spirit. Wicker chairs and puffs with cotton covers and capes are also allowed. In this case, the furniture should be arranged so that there is enough space for comfortable movement.



As in the bedroom, the floor is usually laid out with ceramic tiles, natural stone, painted wooden boards or laminate with an untreated surface.

Walls and ceiling

If you want to design a living room in this style, it is necessary to exclude any treatment of the walls, except for embossed plaster and painting in a matte shade. Rough wooden beams on the ceiling, a decor element characteristic of the original design, are chosen to match the window and door openings. Chandelier with wrought iron parts need to be acquired only in the case of recreating the Italian style in the living room.


Finished with the renovation works? It’s time to start with the decor. It’s decor that will create comfort in your living room. So feel free to use decorative ceramics: pots, decorative plates, amphoras. Wrought copper candlesticks and lamps would give your living room a special charm of comfort. Do not forget about the bright cushions and soft mats.

Mediterranean-style bathroom: the specifics of the design

The southern-style bathroom is very easy to recognize, thanks to its original decor. It is desirable to abandon the massive bath. Replace it with a shower cabin or a round bathroom.

Natural materials are here in everything, from finishing materials to bath accessories. The interior of the bathroom will ideally complement the floral decoration, as well as an antique mirror or amphora. Walls and ceilings can be decorated with a strip in the antique or Roman style.

For walls, it is recommended to use tiles in the colors traditional for this design decision. Flooring are, as usually, of wood or ceramic tile. The perfect bathroom combines naturalness and elegance with a minimum amount of decor.

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Mediterranean style country house

No other design can best convey the classic charm and beauty of the Mediterranean coast. This solution is one of the most popular all over the world. The question is, how can you successfully convey his idea in your home?

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If your house is still under construction, it is best to choose the arched shape of the windows and doors. With this solution you will be able to achieve a soft transition between the enclosed space and the exterior. After all, the interior of the house in the Mediterranean style is closely connected with its outdoors.

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Particular attention should be paid to the porch, stairs, gazebos and patios, which are required. You can start with a graceful wrought fence, supplement the exterior with a fountain or pool. Also, residents of the southern regions widely use forged elements in the exterior design of the house, in such a way that they overlap with the same elements inside the house. Do not forget that the Mediterranean style means rich in greenery. With such a southern design solution in the exterior, you can easily create the atmosphere of a house on the coast.

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