5 Roof Maintenance Tips for Commercial Building Owners

There’s a reason why there are over 150,000 roofers found in the United States. We rely on these professionals to keep both our residential and commercial roofs in tip-top shape.

Remember that when it comes to your commercial roof, it’s always better to engage in regular maintenance. If you put this off, then small problems can quickly become big and expensive.

That’s why we made this guide for you. Read on as we break down five roof maintenance tips for any new commercial building owners. That way, you and your roofers can minimize your expenses and maximize the life of your roof.

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1. Schedule Your Inspections Bi-Annually

There are a lot of things that can affect your commercial roof’s health. Leaks, rot, corrosion, and weathering are just some of the usual culprits.

A bi-annual roof inspection from certified commercial roofing services can go a long way toward protecting you. It does this by catching roof repairs before they get too expensive.

2. Know Your Roof’s Age

The older your roof gets, the more susceptible it will be to wear and tear. It’s important to know the specific age of your commercial roof so that you can schedule maintenance more frequently.

Also, remember that your roof will eventually need to be replaced. This can be a large expense. Knowing your roof’s age gives you an adequate amount of time to plan for this.

3. Remove Overhanging Trees

For some taller commercial buildings, overhanging trees aren’t going to be a problem. However, if you have a small one-story or two-story building with a large tree next to it, you’ll need to pay attention.

Overhanging trees can present a threat if the branches fall on your roof after an intense storm.

Similarly, overgrown branches can sometimes penetrate commercial roofs, causing water damage. So make sure you hire a landscaping company to regularly trim the branches as part of your commercial building maintenance.

4. Call a Professional as Soon as You Notice Physical Damage

The clock begins ticking the second you spot physical damage to your commercial roof. That’s why you need to contact a professional roofer right away. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

Whether it’s leaks spreading water damage or rodents getting through cracks, time is of the essence once you find damage. Pierce County business owners like to find roofing services in Puyallup WA who will provide thorough inspections and estimates before moving to the next phase. With these steps, you can get an idea of how much money you need to prepare.

5. Get an Inspection After Intense Storms

It doesn’t take a hurricane to cause intense damage to commercial roofs. Any heavy storms can target weak spots in your roofs.

That’s why it’s important to schedule inspections after a heavier-than-usual storm. This is especially true for storms that involve debris, snow, or hail that can cause a leaking roof.

Appreciate These Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips? Keep Exploring

We hope these five roof maintenance tips taught you a thing or two about prolonging the life of your commercial building. Roof inspections and services will indeed be an ongoing yearly cost for you.

However, remember that this form of commercial roof maintenance is thousands if not millions of dollars cheaper than a roof replacement.

As such, you should always prioritize it as a commercial building owner. Looking for more real estate tips? Keep reading through our website to find plenty of similar great content.


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