7 design tips for a cool and airy home

Your home should be the most comfortable place in the world. However, due to uncontrollable environmental factors, it can get hot and humid, making you feel uneasy inside your own home. If you live in a humid environment, you should design your home to be cool and airy. Not only will it help to brighten your interior space, but it will also help to promote proper ventilation.

To achieve a fully cool and airy home, you must ensure that your house has a working AC unit to help make it look and feel comfortable. However, if your AC is no longer functioning as it should, you might give it a quick repair. There are plenty of companies like DM Select Services that could bring your AC back to life and make you fully prepared for summer. But apart from that, listed below are some design tips to achieve a cool and airy home:

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  1. Keep An Open Floor Plan

One of the best and most effective ways to make a room look bright and airy is by keeping an open floor plan. As you remove too many walls in the design, you can allow light to pass through every corner and prevent a wall from blocking your open space. Keeping an open floor plan also helps to make the room look larger and more comfortable, as you can see every part of the house with just one glance. It creates an illusion that you are free to move around the house as there are no obstacles along the way, making you feel cool and airy. It also helps to initiate conversations and allow everything to be free-flowing.

  1. Maximize Large Windows

If you’re still in the process of building or renovating your home, it’d be highly beneficial if you could install plenty of large windows around the room. It can help make your home more connected to the outdoors and allow plenty of natural light to beam inside. This way, your home would look naturally bright during the day and make it look more spacious as you would have a clear view of the outdoors. You can always use curtains to enforce privacy, especially in a crowded neighborhood.

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  1. Stick With A Light Color Palette

When designing a home, one of the first things you need to do is choose a color palette for your entire house. While you can find plenty of creative color combinations, selecting light-colored palettes will be helpful. It can help to make the room look more expansive, soft, and airy because they don’t absorb heat, whereas dark colors can make the room look smaller, hotter, and more crowded. So ideally, you should have plenty of white and beige around the room. You can even add some light gray or pastel to add a touch of color to the room. But for maximum effect, choosing between white or any other light color helps to create a relaxing and spacious ambiance.

  1. Use The Right Fabric

Your room’s fabric choices can help make the space look more comfortable and snug. Ideally, choose between cotton or linen as they look soft and simple in any part of the room. Switching to a fabric couch can also be helpful, as well as adding a cotton rug to your coffee table. For your window treatments, it’d be better if you could switch to sheer fabrics to emphasize the softness of the room.

  1. Install A Ceiling Fan

Another great way to achieve a cool and airy home is by installing a ceiling fan in the center of the living room. This way, you can allow proper air circulation and keep everyone cool and comfortable while also letting it be a great decorative piece. Depending on your ceiling fan’s design, you can make the room look brighter and instantly more comfortable as you have quick access to cooler air. Just ensure that you use a light-colored fan blade to make it look soft and airy inside your home.

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  1. Minimize Patterns

When designing a cool and airy home, adding patterns should be the last thing on your mind. They can help to make the room look busy and creative. While it might help to make the space look more artistic, it shouldn’t be your priority for a spacious room. The excessive patterns might take away the room’s simplicity and make it look too over-stimulating. As you design your space, try to minimize your patterns by using at least 5% of them inside the house.

  1. Consider See-Through Materials

A great and creative way you can help to make the room look more spacious and brighter is by using see-through materials. While it might not look too sturdy to some people, as they crave the presence of wood or metal, plenty of transparent materials are sturdy enough to hold heavy objects. You can begin by adding an accent chair or using glass for your center table. With the number of options today, you can play with either glass or acrylic, which should help deliver similar results.


Designing a cool and airy home would surely make the space look brighter and more comfortable. With proper preparation and creativity, you should be able to unleash your home’s full potential and allow it to look spacious and cool. All you have to do is to design every inch of the room very well, and it should give you the vibe you’re going for.

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