White washing machine in interior design: advantages

Washing machines can be built-in or free-standing. The first fit into any interior, while the latter have to be well-designed in a space. Solo models, decorated in non-standard colors, look stylish and modern, but do not shine with versatility. No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to unobtrusively introduce a red or matte graphite washer into a room with beige tiles and the same decor. Maybe play in contrast, but this is not always possible. The most universal shade for household appliances is discreet white.

lighthouse cabinetry

The advantage of a white washing machine is its practicality. When you move, you can take this model with you without fear that it will not fit the new renovation. Selling it if it is no longer needed will also not be difficult: classics are more in demand on the secondary market than extraordinary designs.

Another compelling argument in favor of white is the large selection of models. All manufacturers rely on it. Not only automatic white cars are available for sale, but also “dacha” semi-automatic ones.

  • An excellent solution for a small budget is the washing machine by Candy.
  • In the middle price category, the developments of Gorenje, Samsung, and Virpul are interesting.
  • Among the top ones, Electrolux, Siemens, Bosch, Elgie are attractive.

The advantages don’t end there. Many of them can only be assessed after purchase.

Imperishable relevance

White devices are always relevant. Firstly, because the color of purity never goes out of style. Secondly, light shades are associated with homeliness and comfort. And not a single alternative option can compare with them in the number of pleasant associations.

Elegance and expensiveness

Since the ‘solo’ washing machine remains in a visible place, it should look like an A plus. And it certainly succeeds. The magic lies in the fact that such a model simultaneously emphasizes the integrity of the interior and does not draw attention to itself.


Perfect compatibility

Unlike complex shades, combining white with other colors is not difficult. A wide variety of textures are suitable for it, which is important if the washing machine is located in the kitchen or in the passage area in the hallway.

Easy care

Contaminants are immediately noticeable on the body; they do not have time to dry out and become ingrained.

  1. To remove visible stains, you can use a textile napkin, a soft sponge, or a regular cloth.
  2. The main thing is not to use abrasive brushes, which can leave scratches.

At the same time, you don’t need to wipe the washing machine every day: dust and fingerprints on it are only visible up close, if you look closely. In this regard, any dark model loses. White has many variations, so finding your version is not difficult.

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