Breathe New Life Into Your Old Exterior

Even the priciest, most elegant home can lose some appeal over the years. Perhaps you’ve let some details go due to your busy everyday life. Even if your home still looks lively, you’d like to shake things up by giving your residence the proverbial facelift. Simple but effective options are available for breathing new life into your old exterior, from new siding and gutter guards to brilliant lighting and landscaping ideas. Give some thought to the following five fresh ideas.


Slip Into Some Fresh Siding Features

Your home might benefit mightily from some fresh siding. Modern vinyl and metal siding come in many colors and textures, giving you fine control over exactly how you want your exterior to look. Even a fresh coat of paint over existing siding or bare bricks can completely transform your home’s appearance.

Don’t neglect the gutters and downspouts that line the perimeter of your roof. These items might seem like nothing more than utility features that prevent water from accumulating on your rooftop, but their appearance impacts your exterior’s curb appeal. Replace any gutters that show signs of rust or dents, choosing colors that complement the exterior’s overall look. The Gutter Supply experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year minimum for keeping your gutters clear. Not only will this prevent clogging it also will maintain your exterior aesthetic.  At the same time, give some serious thought to purchasing a set of gutter leaf guards. These accessories can help keep ugly debris like leaves, branches, and vermin out of your gutters, which helps preserve their beauty and functionality.

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Shed New Light on the Subject

Stylish lighting arrangements can transform your exterior from a dark, oppressive edifice to a lively, welcoming environment. This upgrade doesn’t just improve your exterior’s looks and mood. It also serves essential functions such as helping people get around safely, see each other more clearly, and feel more secure at night. If you’ve already refurbished other elements of your exterior, a little extra light will make sure everyone sees the improvements in all their glory.

You’ll discover a wide range of exciting lighting options for your exterior spaces. For instance, you can string extendable lights over your deck or patio as the perfect accompaniment to your evening dinner party. You may also want to install walkway lighting that guides nighttime visitors to your home while helping them avoid falls or other accidents.

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Make a Grand Entrance

Your front door represents one of the first exterior items guests will see and feel at close range. Ask yourself whether a different style, material, or detail level would complement the rest of your home more effectively. A plain wooden door does the job from a functional standpoint, but it may not do much for your exterior’s ability to impress. If you’d like the front entrance to dazzle guests at night, consider getting a door with large glass panels that allow interior lighting to illuminate the entire front porch.

If you want to draw even more attention to your gorgeous new front door, consider adding a covered entrance to help it stand out. A covered porch or doorway portico helps keep the rain off your guests’ heads while enhancing the beauty of the door and your home’s front facade.

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Invite Mother Nature to the Party

No matter how impressed viewers feel at your exterior’s appearance, they may feel less impressed with their journey from the driveway or sidewalk to the front door if you haven’t paid attention to your landscaping. Ideally, you want to give people an inviting, intuitive, elegant path to your home. Lush landscaping with some well-chosen features and flora can set the tone for a memorable experience.

Different kinds of plants can enhance your exterior design in different ways. Large, dense plantings can give a sense of weight and strength to the landscape’s aesthetic. However, you’ll want to leave open zones around your windows and other exterior features you’d rather not hide. If you install flower beds next to the house, choose blossom colors that will offset or flatter the home’s existing or anticipated color scheme.

You can add an even greater sense of formal planning to your landscape by installing an elegant, curving stone path traversing the front lawn. An exterior design or landscaping expert can help you choose the shapes, colors, and materials most likely to suit your home’s style.

Accessorize Your Deck or Patio

When you have both nice weather and your favorite people on hand, you naturally want to entertain outdoors. Make sure you’ve prepared your patio or deck to receive company by outfitting it in stylish weather-resistant furniture. Don’t feel you must limit yourself to bare metal when choosing these furnishings. You can find comfortable all-weather cushions in various colors, shapes, and styles to complement your gathering with grace and style. Place an all-weather rug near the house to help keep your guests from tracking dirt into your home when they come indoors.

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As you can see, you have a fantastic array of potential exterior refurbishment choices at your fingertips. Once you’ve decided on your exterior’s new overall look, you’re ready to request some experts and consult with design experts to turn that image into reality.


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