Do you want to remodel your kitchen? Try these kitchen design styles

Even if you are not a top chef, you may still want a fabulous kitchen because it represents an integral part of your house. Although it depends from case to case, the kitchen is often where families gather, share meals, listen to stories, and spend quality time. A functional and beautiful room is essential for any house, so choosing a suitable kitchen design style is important. You have many inspirations from where to choose, and one thing is sure after the remodelling is done, you will enjoy the time spent in your kitchen more.

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So, whether you are an experienced cook or a person who rarely eats something that is not microwaved, these styles will help you create the best kitchen for your needs.

Traditional Style Kitchen

Despite the new styles of kitchens that have popped out on the market, traditional kitchens remain one of the most popular choices when remodelling a new space. A classic kitchen will focus on comfort, simplicity and practicality while adding a timeless appeal. Plus, you will always feel an unparalleled warmth and welcoming energy whenever you step into your cooking area. If you don’t want anything complicated, a traditional kitchen may be the one for you because it is characterised by neutral and plain elements that add lovely charm and elegance.

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When remodelling a traditional kitchen, your focus should be on the details because they are the ones that matter most. The most used material is wood because it is efficient and stands the test of time. Materials such as patterned stone or hardwood are for flooring, and granite, marble, or quartz are for countertops. If you choose a traditional kitchen, the colours should be e soft, muted tones, like white, cream, silver, light grey, warm yellows or green. The good news is that classical colours never go out of style so you will enjoy your kitchen for a long time.

Modern Style Kitchen

Modern kitchens are also trendy because they allow you to create a unique space that will make you feel special. The main characteristic of these cooking areas is that less is more; they are generally clean without plenty of decorations. How much of the modern look you want to incorporate is up to you; you can make everything as minimal as you can or soften it with beautiful accents. Also, contemporary kitchens are recognised for their geometrical elements used to create angles and sharp lines.

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Avoid pastels when choosing the colours of your newly remodelled room; instead, go for bold colours that  catch the eye. The latest trends promote using simple kitchen furniture, as designers want to highlight the pieces and make them stand out. Also, a common feature is using matt black kitchen base units to create an even more dramatic accent.

Transitional Style Kitchen

Not sure what to choose between a traditional kitchen and a modern one? Or do you want the warmth of the classic space but also the clean look of a contemporary style? In this case, the best solution may be a transitional kitchen. A transitional style blends contemporary and modern elements, creating a unique and beautiful environment.

The colours used are simple; white is the most popular, followed by grey, beige and soft blue. But this doesn’t mean you can’t insert a touch of colour here and there or on the countertops. Because it relies on storage to eliminate clutter, the cabinets should be big enough to have space for all kitchen utensils. The decorations should be minimal to create a cohesive look, and greeneries for example represent the perfect touch that your area may need.

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Mediterranean Style Kitchen

The Mediterranean style is inspired by the countries situated around the Mediterranean Sea. This area is famous for its sunny, warm climate, which also reflects in the kitchen influences. The most often used colours include deep shades of blue, bright turquoise, green, orange or yellow tones. Suppose this type of kitchen is the one you want to go for. In this scenario, choose terracotta flooring, colourful tiled accents, and lightweight fabrics and don’t forget to add greenery, such as potted plants, herbs or even a lemonade tree.

Because the kitchen styles differ from country to country, here are some characteristics of three Mediterranean lands.

Italy: When you choose Italy as a source of inspiration, think about Tuscany because this area is known for its beauty and stunning landscapes. You will see that the colours found outside are usually used to decorate the interiors, such as brown, green, orange and yellow. Wood is the most frequent texture, the furniture is richly decorated, and the kitchen is the space that enhances the art of cooking through visible pans, pots or other utensils.

Greece: We all know Greek food is delicious, but have you seen how Greek kitchens look? They are stunning, with rich accents inspired by the beautiful outside elements. This type of design usually has white stucco walls, and the floors contain whitewashed wood. They have wrought iron details and cobalt accents for lighting, accessories and shelving, and the furniture is modern and often all-white.

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Spain: The Spanish kitchen has an aesthetic design that differs from the other Mediterranean styles. It uses mosaic murals and vibrant dark red, yellow or blue colours. The most common elements here are tile archways and terracotta tile floors. When it comes to furniture, the heavy, rustic one is the primary option.

Final words

Whatever style you choose for your kitchen, it should represent your taste because you are the one that will spend a lot of time there. You can take your inspiration from online resources like Instagram and Pinterest, or if you want to ensure that your space will look fabulous, you can also collaborate with a designer that will surely succeed in transforming the perfect cooking area.

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