Cool ways to integrate washing machine into interior

Even the most beautiful washing machine can turn out to be a black sheep in an interior if you choose the wrong installation location. Unlike small household appliances, the washer cannot be moved from place to place at the snap of a finger. It is important to place it in such a way that it does not stand out from the overall design of the room, whether it is a combined bathroom, a separate bathroom, or a kitchen.

It’s great when there is an opportunity to create a full-fledged laundry room. In this case, you don’t have to bother with the search for harmonious interior combinations. However, a separate room for only washing and ironing supplies is an unprecedented luxury for owners of apartments with a simple and typical layout.

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Undermount installation

In conditions of a shortage of free space, any life hacks are good. One of the simplest and most obvious is the installation of a washing machine under a sink embedded in the countertop. The only thing is that you can forget about vertical loading. The top hatch will have nowhere to open. Another thing is the frontal drum with a round transparent door.

If you choose a sink of small diameter, the side space next to it can be used to store various small things: cosmetics, hygiene products.


Washers are often used in tandem with dryers. Both those and others with impressive dimensions attract attention. You can arrange them in a tower to minimize visual noise. Structures from devices from one manufacturer look beautiful. The stylish black Samsung Bespoke washing machine forms a beautiful column with a dryer from the same family.

To build a safe and sustainable tower, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Make sure that the width and depth of the machines match;
  2. First put the washer (it should be from below);
  3. Choose a strong and reliable connecting element;
  4. Align the position of the devices using the building level;
  5. Use anti-slip pads.
photo: wash tower

Mounting in cabinet with transparent doors

A wardrobe with a transparent facade for a washing machine is an interesting and unusual solution. You can rarely meet such an interior element, which makes it more attractive. This method of installation also has a practical meaning. It is preferred for users who constantly forget to unload the built-in washer. The front part of the washing machine is in plain sight, therefore it serves as a reminder of the washing that needs to be hung up. Which option to choose, with fully transparent doors or a glass insert opposite the porthole, depends solely on taste preferences.

Free installation with decoration on top

You can put the appliances separately, for example, next to the entrance to the kitchen or in the corner of the bathroom. For beauty, lay a moisture-resistant decorative napkin on top to match the color of the walls or furniture. It is also worth placing on the “roof” of the machine:

  • transparent containers for detergents,
  • nice measuring cup
  • a small basket for stuff.
photo: samsung

Color Accent

Fans of bold experiments may like the idea of ​​buying a washing machine in a bright case. The combination of incongruous sometimes plays into the hands, for a light interior you can choose a red or black model, and for a dark one – snow-white or beige.

To carry out the installation not only beautifully, but also correctly, it is worth involving professional craftsmen in the work. They will tell you how to bring any creative idea to mind.

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