Coconut mattress: what are its features

Toppers with coconut coir fall into the medium-hard and hard categories. It all depends on what companion filler comes with it. And, of course, it is important whether this material will be on one side or two. This criterion is one of the decisive ones when choosing a product.

A mattress topper with coconut coir has medium hardness on one side, and the other is quite soft due to foam rubber (most often it is the companion material for filling the mattress with coconut). This model is suitable for people of light weight, who do not have any special problems with their backs or posture, and who cannot imagine their life without a soft bed.

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What are the varieties?

For people suffering from diseases of the spine, autonomic nervous system, overweight, as well as for infants, it is worth buying a mattress topper with coconut coir on both sides. It is highly rigid, relieves stress from the spine, and allows muscles to relax.

At first glance, it may seem that this option is too harsh. At the same time, the dense substrate quickly takes the necessary shape to make the sleeper most comfortable, which makes it possible to wake up rested.

What is coconut filler and what are its properties?

Coir is a dense layer of specially processed and compressed walnut fibers. Due to its organic origin, this material is an environmentally friendly filler with a certain amount of elasticity. And the heterogeneous, fibrous structure of the layer allows the product to breathe and dry quickly without retaining moisture that gets on it. This is a particularly valuable quality when choosing mattresses for children’s beds.

Coconut fibers themselves are quite fragile; over time, with constant use, they turn into dust, but not in toppers from modern manufacturers. This is because most of them are made using latex technology. And this ensures at least 10–15 years of successful operation and healthy sleep. Due to this technology, the fibers become more flexible, so when the topper is rolled up, the coconut layer remains unharmed.

Why is coconut better than others?

Today, coir is the leader among fillers for toppers of medium and high hardness. And that’s why:

  • The final cost of a thin mattress with this type of filling is lower than with other types of filling.
  • Coconut is an environmentally friendly material that does not harm the environment at all.
  • Natural raw materials do not cause allergic reactions.
  • A mattress topper with coconut filling has an increased orthopedic effect.
  • These futons are ideal for people with problems with the spine, joints, and ligaments.
  • Latexed coir increases the service life of the topper to 10–15 years. And this, of course, saves the family budget, time and nerves when choosing a new mattress.

When buying a topper, pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of the mattress cover and the density of the filler (if it is combined).

For good usage, it is important that the cover is removable, and that the topper is correctly selected for the maximum weight and dimensions of the surface where it will lie. If a thin mattress, for example, is smaller or larger than the sofa for which it is purchased, the sleeping place slides, which, of course, does not contribute to a good, healthy sleep.

When purchasing, it would not hurt to consult with an orthopedic doctor. He will help you decide on the appropriate characteristics and find a model that will suit you in all respects. Coir is recommended when, for a number of reasons, the spine needs a more rigid base for sleep.

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